Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Phone Test

Are you guys feeling it too, the extremely slow internet? Well, most likely it only affect Streamyx users. Hopefully that won't last long as it really makes it harder for me to do anything even my assignment (due to need of internet).

The Beyblade review will be done once the internet shapes up or tomorrow BTW.

At any rate, the main point of this post is that I suddenly acquired the Samsung Champ(ion)! O.o
It wasn't planned or anything but stuff happened and I ended up getting a white model. It is nothing fancy though, a budget touch screen phone which fits my needs.
It comes with a 2.4" full touch screen, a sub-standard 1.3MP camera and the GPRS/EDGE internet stuff (no WiFi or 3G, don't need it anyways).
Even though the camera is a small step down from my previous phone (which had a 2MP camera), it is actually more clearer. Now I'll have something more decent on the go for random photo-snapping. Hehe.

Taken with a Sony Ericsson K530i, 2MP.

Taken with a Samsung Champ(ion), 1.3MP.
Both have been down-scaled to 1024x768, 50% JPEG compression.

Other than that, at least the Champ has a standard earphone jack which makes it easier for me to listen to music with my already available headphones or earphones (which are not of the cheap variety). XP If you want to know more, navigate the Samsung homepage since I can't retrieve the link right now and/or Google some reviews on it (hope you understand Bahasa Indonesia for some). Here's the link to the main page.

Okay, that's all for now. Internet too bad for any long posts, even this one took a long while to post up. x.x

EDIT: Some mistakes in the info. <.<;


Chris said...

Samsung phone... my bro just got a new one too. ^^;

Speaking of Beyblade, I think I had enough. I originally planned to get 2 or 3 more, but no more. I got my Gemini, Sagittario and Libra, but Gemini had Sagittario's exact same base and Libra has Sagittario's stickers. I think it's just a mistake but to think that the parts may be wrong is unacceptable. Besides, who would have thought I bought so much when I don't even care about them before... ^^;

Anonymous said...

Eventhough it has a 1.3MP camera, but the quality is lot better. Nice.

Marzz said...

Hmm Beyblade huh. Never thought they would be revived... But they aren't doing well, at least I didn't see anyone playing with Beyblades nowadays... Congrats on your new phone!

SoujiShinogane said...

same as my phone camera 1.3MP,it look better.=D

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