Friday, November 8, 2013

I've Moved onto Wordpress

I've decided to move onto posting in Wordpress (link is at the top left of this blog) as I barely have time to dual blog anymore as well as for the sake of convenience. Blogger doesn't have a good mobile app as well as other reasons. I may not post as much as in the past but I'll continue putting up what I usually do and other things I come across as interesting. =P

At any rate, it means that this blog is officially dead. I'll come once in a while to check on things. The posts will stay online as long as Blogger/Google exist so all content will always be available to see. Some image linking may not work as effectively though and I may not be updating that.

Thank you for reading. =)


Anonymous said...

noooooooo my work place only allows access to blogger so I can't follow you on wordpress D: oh well I could read your blogs when I'm at home though

Obie said...

You did a right thing, wordpress is the best option.

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