Monday, January 1, 2007

About & Notes

This blog is created and maintained by CD (rndm). Please, enjoy your visit here. ^_^

Currently, the main posts here are Gunpla reviews. Gunpla means Gundam Plastic Models. As such, I hope my reviews can help you decide on your Gunpla buying decisions! I review both Bandai and TT Hongli products. Bandai is the original manufacturer while TT Hongli is a bootleg manufacturer. There are many other bootleg manufacturers but TT Hongli is the best thus far. Of course, getting the original is always best.

I have a secondary blog you can visit as well as I do update that blog from time to time. The updates are VERY random on that one as I can update it up to 3 times a day or maybe even 1 time in 2 weeks. Nonetheless, my secondary blog URL -
This secondary blog is mainly for shorter and quick posts that I posted up around the same time frame with the posts here. As to not wanting to push down certain posts I feel that you should all read, this should work out nicely (hopefully). ^^;

Other than that, all posts typed here are typed by me and some might have reference(s)(which will be stated if I remember to) when posted. I apologize in advance for any mistakes or insulting remarks that may be posted. I try my best to not be too over the top when posting. ^^;

Click "Read more..." to see the entire post. Not applicable to every post though.

If you have any requests, please post them into the comments into the posts you feel you want more or put em' up in the chatbox. ^^ I'll try my best to answer your requests.


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