Saturday, May 26, 2007

Term Exam is... OVER!

Yay! To make things even better is the fact that it is the school holidays now! =)

It was a tiresome one and a half week of test and the old last minute study habit made things go ow. Cramping facts and techniques within a night's work is not easy, especially in high school, not to mention the least favorable subjects(and no I heart Maths).

Anyways, Now it's the school holidays, time for me to enjoy some gaming fun! ^^ Namely, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and some others. So wish NDS emulators work with most of the games I wanna play, sigh. Well, in a few more years I guess. =(

I know that not many people read this blog, maybe none at all at the moment, but... umm... I got nothing to say. =P

At any rate, I wish a happy school holiday(yes some other countries are experiencing summer!) and a happy Gawai!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Basic port-ing, for a friend at most, but can be useful for others(Vista)

Before you are able to use a port, you must give a static IP for your computer to connect with the DSL. A random IP will sadly make port forwarding nearly impossible.

Okay, to make this fast and brief, I will give you a summarized edition for now.

See that? Click it.
When you arrive at the Network and Sharing center, click that.
Right click and pick properties.
Spelling fix: "Obviously", missing the "v".
Just follow the on screen instructions...
You can put any number, well almost. The IP address must be in your DSL's range, I'd advise not to go into the hundreds. DNS, well any should work, if not, well, I'm too paranoid to tell you mine, lol.

Well, when you are done with the previous step, you are done with the earlier parts.

Got to to get a better insight of this.

The following is for if you want to configure the bitTorrent client, utorrent.

First of all, configure your utorrent port by going to Options > Preferences > Connections.
Just enter any 5 digit number or let it do by itself by clicking "Random Port".

With that, I direct you to this site to further this configuration.

That's as brief as I can do this kinda random post, lol.


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