Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simply Sedap @ Swinburne Soft Opening

Sudden post! This week was a rather "hangover" week. My mind was mostly hazy since I got partially sick (headache with mild fever) which made finalizing my assignments and doing my mid-term papers this week... hellish. I'm pretty much okay already but it seems my focus is still hazy. Could be a side-effect or the weather has a big impact on me. I'm not sure. I just hope all goes well with whatever I did for this week since I couldn't focus completely on them. ._. ...for the best.


At any rate, back to the lighter side of things. I'm slightly free again so I feel like doing a quick post on the newest addition to the Swinburne Sarawak Campus - Simply Sedap. Chillipeppers, which was located near the hostel of the campus, closed down early this year. Starting today, the area is being officially taken by Simply Sedap.

Assignment Implied Hiatus

Going on a hiatus until at least 18 November 2011 in order to do my assignments and other responsibilities. Kinda obvious from the lack of posts and unfinished reviews for a while (as well as things I wanted to do haven't been done like some omakes in mind with the BB Sinanju and such). I guess being president of SAMS (Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) really made me all the busier this year after all. I even got random minor projects going for the club.

See you all later next month. ^^;

Monday, October 17, 2011

SAMS (Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) Maid Cafe 2011

Sorry for the extremely late post up but lots of things came up, seriously. Other than just academic work, I had to manage the post event stuff (which isn't completely covered yet) and upcoming events. Ah, to be busy with so many responsibilities. ^^;

Right now I'm also busy with a sudden prospect which will be revealed later once we get through the technicalities. I can say this one will be something nice for the club. =)

Note: All photos are taken by the photographer team and none by me this time.

The SAMS Maid Cafe - Versailles Maid Cafe was held on the 23rd September 2011. The date was supposed to be 9th-10th September 2011 but various stuff came up so we had to postpone and change the timing a bit. We had two shifts. One in the afternoon (11am-2pm) and one at night (5-7pm). The night time slot wasn't in the original plan so I'm very sorry for those who had trouble coming in as security was stricter at night.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Alice Madness Returns Bookmarks for SAMS

TBH, they may not be of the most creative design (or 'logical') but I'm liking what I've done. Did it all tonight, just now, right after I came back home from my mid-term paper. Nonetheless, you may critique (with good reasoning of course) my works.

Note that none of the art were done by me - I found them at zerochan. The overall design was by me. FYI, I'm a simple person so I don't really put much background detail. However, if you have any suggestions there, shoot. :)

If you're wondering what I used, I just used ze good ol' Photoshop 7. :D

PS: No stealing or use without permission, especially for commercial uses.

Until the next post~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"There's an Alien on my Blog!"

UNDENIABLE TRUTH! So that's why! *sudden realization*
*coughs* Back to work.

Friday, October 7, 2011

PS3 Disgaea 3 & 4 GET!

Got these in the mail today. I know there will be a remake for Disgaea 3 for the PS Vita but still thought of getting the game that made me decide to get the PS3 in the first place. I really wanted Disgaea 3 for ages. The one on the right is the Disgaea 4 Premium edition. Not really much in fact but the price wasn't far off from the standard release currently so I went with it since I had the chance. (And if anyone wants to retaliate again, Disgaea 4 is my 2nd PS3 game that cost me more than RM100, Disgaea 3 cost me less than that.)

The US premium edition only comes with a bonus of a guide book and fixed pose figure of Fuka.

The figure doesn't exactly shout "quality" to me but okay-ish.

Overall the premium edition feels alright but could be better. I'd like to get that Nendo Fuka if possible but sadly I couldn't grasp the chance when the Japanese release was up last time. Ah well, still enjoying it at any rate. =)

That's all for this month's get post so far. Still haven't brought myself to type out some of the review posts yet since the mood hasn't kicked in. ^^; I think some of you would like some write up about the SAMS Maid Cafe 2011 event that was held on 23rd September... >.>
Okay, time for bed, seriously.


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