Friday, February 27, 2009

00 Gundam Review

I actually intended to do this earlier, but due to extreme internet slowdowns and constant disconnections(stares at Streamyx), I was not able to. Good to say that the Internet connection is quite fine now.

Now, February is nearing its end and the SPM results are coming in closer. How one should feel for this? I don't really feel anything for it though(until it is right in front of my face). ^^;

Anyways, on with the Gunpla!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Experience on Gunpla; Mini Review Part 1

Since I'm quite free today, I've decided to do type out my impressions and experience with Gunpla(Gundam Plastic Models) that I have bought and built.

I started buying Gunpla last year early December. Well, I did buy two when I was younger(though those broke and lost due to my youth and inexperience at keeping it away from my younger sibling). Anyways, last week on a fine Saturday afternoon, I bought yet two more Gunpla, the 1/100 NG 00 Gundam and the 1/100 MG Launcher/Sword Strike! It was a little expensive and can be considered overpriced if one should know better places but at the time, I had the money and the desire to buy them(wasn't a great idea when I think about it due to my low amount of money in hand now >.>;).

Alright, now, time to type out my experience of the Gunpla I bought earlier.

Okay, during my vacation to KL for the once in a long while shopping trip, there was a sale on Gundams in most shopping malls with a constant discount of 20% on most. Because this is my first time buying a Gundam(scratch when I bought when I was younger, I could barely remember it), I thought the prices in front of me was very reasonable. What's more with the RM10 vouchers from Parkson...

First thing I bought was the 1/144 FG Gundams from Gundam 00(Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue)(well, its the only series with FG grade...) and a 1/100 NG Gundam Exia. These were priced well and can be a good starting point for me for building future Gunplas. I was excited and built the FG Exia in the hotel room in which I was currently staying in as soon as I came back to the hotel room.

Exia in one of its basic poses. Note that it isn't very colorful or detailed as you might th\hink it should be if you look at the boxart(see one of my previous post, though you should check out with Google for better pics).

Just an alternate view. Note: I forgot to put the shoulder saber hilts at this point of time.

Soon after, I built FG Kyrios. I did not build FG Dynames nor FG Virtue though as I saved it for later when I'm back home(same for the NG Exia).

The first pic of FG Kyrios I took. You should be able to tell what the pose means.

Anyways, another trip shopping and I bought the 1/144 HG al-Saachez AEU Enact Custom and the 1/144 HG Gundam Throne Zwei. HG(High Grade) Gunpla is made of stronger plastic and I could not break most of the pieces of the frame with my bare hands anymore like the FG Gunplas. I had to use a sewing scissors to cut of the parts. Of course, this is not a good thing to do as it can be a bit troublesome and makes the outcome not so desirable. I only built the HG AEU Enact there though for experience sake and an enemy for FG Exia and FG Kyrios to "fight". >>; And, I must add, it took quite a while to build, like 2-3 hours like.

The outcome isn't so bad now, is it? Especially when I only used a pair of sewing scissors to build it...

The back side of the HG AEU Enact. I have to say though, I kinda spoiled the lower back thrusters due to improper placement during building. It's a bit lose now, but it's not such a big problem.

Fight! Note: I finally put FG Exia's shoulder saber hilts!

FG Exia POV? Yes, you can see a bit of the hotel room. Sorry, no HG AEU Enact POV, because you might see my bed...

All in all, those three were the only ones I built in a hotel room with very dim lighting I might add. >_>

After that, I bought the 1/144 HG Gundam Throne Drei(sadly, I could not find Eins...) and 1/144 HG Gundam Nadleeh(sister's request). Although I wanted to buy the 1/100 NG Gundam Astrea... but it might make me unable to keep it inside our luggage due to its bigger box size. <_>

After I'm back home, I immediately built my next Gunpla, the 1/144 HG Gundam Throne Zwei. This time, I have better equipment to build it. Well, not really good ones though, just a pair of big scissors, stationary knife and a pair of tweezers. >_> At any rate, building this one took a while as it had more parts than the HG AEU Enact and that I had to smoothen the parts with the knife. All in all, it took me around 3 hours and the final product was much better than the HG AEU Enact. Another point is that, this is my favorite Throne Gundam. ^^; I have to say that the legs are a bit lose, especially the feet, though that was probably caused by me who played with it for quite a bit... >.>;

Yes, it can hold onto that huge-ass buster sword(called the GN Buster Sword BTW). If only I had markers or paint, I might be able to make it look nicer. >>

HG Throne Zwei VS FG Exia, fight!

FG Exia is strugling!~ Note: Same pose, just different POV...

FG Exia notice the arm buster of the HG Throne Zwei closing onto him... Note: Still same pose...

Sorry for the lack of poses because I did not intend to post it up into this outdated blog in the first place. If you want to see more poses, you can always search with Google for better more in depth reviews.

Next up, I build the 1/100 NG Gundam Exia... a few days later. Its big, its quite detailed, it took a while... I did not track my time building it, but it really took a while. I even almost lost a part. >>; This one had some problems, which I found out to be quite common. The legs are weak. The swords that are attached to the hips also can drop down easily and can be frustrating when you try to make certain poses with them attached. The weak legs as I stated before prevents the Exia from making better poses and standing well with the legs wide open(battle poses). Though, this problem wasn't so apparent right after I assembled it. Otherwise, its quite alright for the price... yeah right, I expected better build quality...

*pew**pew**pew* I wonder who got that reference...

In your face! >_>;

"Aim higher!"

Slashy time.

I shall pierce the hea--*shot*

Actually, this is how to hold the sword... according to the manual.

Soon after, I built the 1/144 Gunplas, HG Gundam Nadleeh, FG Gundam Dynames, FG Gundam Virtue and then HG Gundam Throne Drei(in that very order). I don't really have pics pf these though since I didn't really took much of them, if any, especially HG Drei which was not so great looking in the end and was seemingly lacking in Gunpla fun factor. The FG Dynames and FG Virtue were so basic in their poses, that, well, there wasn't any point to take pics... However, I do have some random lame comedy shots. >_>

HG Nadleeh decide to thow a karaoke contest. FG Exia, FG Dynames and FG Kyrios reluctantly joins. FG Exia sings the opening of the first Gundam series...

Upper view. HG Nadleeh is very enthusiastic while FG Exia is giving up(as well as the other two).

Due to frustrations caused by the lame contest where HG Nadleeh was sure to win, they went offensive?

HG Nadleeh: But guys, I won fair and sq--

Ah, ahem. About the HG Nadleeh, it is quite flexible and fun to play with. I recommend you to buy this as it comes with two sabers(the ones currently in FG Exia hands above) as well asits rifle and sheild. That is, if you do not want HG Virtue... or just want them seperately.

Well, that's it for now. My next post is about the 1/100 NG 00 Gundam and 1/100 MG Launcher/Sword Srike Gundam as well as some random pics that I took.


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