Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vista Transformation Pack 7

Well, if you don't know what the title means, go to this site first.

Vista Transformation 7 or VTP7 has just been released today and can be downloaded from the site i provided earlier.

Now, I shall say that I already have Vista Home Premium at home but still wanted to try out this ever popular extension for the Windows XP SP2. Sadly, I could not rate 10 out of 10 as it is not perfect, but nothing is, but it still has the look and impression that will make some people say, "Hey, you have Windows Vista?". Haha, it did happen with one of my friends who had the earlier VTP6.

Then, it is time for some pictures!

First of all, the only graphical problem I've encountered so far. It's not a big deal since it's caused by Toshiba's zooming tool... which I never found a way to turn off(actually it was something else, something very simple was the cause =P). If you look at the bar on top, I chose Vista Home Basic skin just because my laptop doesn't seem to support transparency, seems only, maybe I missed an option.
I just love the sidebar! It's so well done and works like the real Vista's sidebar! The start menu also looks great. It's not half bad as I picked the Vista Home Basic skin. Somehow, I could not see any of my recent programs when I picked the Aero skin. I dunno why, maybe my laptop's fault or a minor glitch.

As a whole, I'm pretty impressed and I rate it on a scale of 7/10. I advice you to download it if you still have XP and want to make it look like the nicer looking Vista. =P

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maple Story, once again...

After roughly 2-3 years, I returned once again to Maple Story or Maple SEA(MS for short) since I'm playing the southeast Asia one. I have to say, nothing much changed. I wished I got to keep my first account all those years back, it got country locked and I couldn't log in into it at all. I came back a year or two later, making a new account which I'm using right now. It somehow did not get deleted even though I did not use it for months, well I did sometimes, when my sis wanted to give MS a get-go.

Today, I decided to play it again as I currently have some expandable free time. So far I'm level 13 at this moment. Yes, it sucks but at least it(the game character) has a nice strength stat. =P

Besides MS, I'm gonna show you a nice(to me) pic of my current desktop. Hehe. =D
Lookie there, it's a sketch I drew during recess today which I just lazily contrasted to a blue hue and sized to a small size to be enlarged into my current desktop wallpaper. Winamp is currently playing the Kingdom Hearts II game start screen "Dearly Beloved". Lol, I tell you, it makes me feel like making a game for this... I wish I could, lol. If ya cannot tell, the pic is based on Kingdom Hearts.

Oh yeah... if you claim this sketch/desktop to be yours, I'll hunt you down and take you down! >_O

That's all the randomness for today... my "g" button on the keypad doesn' t work so well. Bleh.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long time no post, now I post =P

Aww, the holiday is about to end soon and it has only been a few days since I came back from my visit to the kampung. Ah well, at least I got to play two of my want to play games on the now semi-working Nintendo DS emulators! So happy! ^^

I get to play MegaMan ZX and Pokemon Pearl(I'll play Diamond later after I finish Pearl, maybe). Here are some screenies of some fun I had, well just to boast my happiness. lol.

Hearthrome City, the lower part is the item finder(much better than ever before!)
My main Pokemon party, and yes Lucario and Pikachu are hacked.
That's Aile using Model X at the transceiver at Guardian HQ.

At the very least most of the parts of the two games worked well with minor problems. I used the No$GBA for Pokemon Pearl and NeonDS for MegaManZX. Sadly, NeonDS doesn't emulate sound unless I missed the configuration. =P

Now off to more Pokemon fun... the best part is that you don't need to worry about your bag being full anymore! So sweet. ^^


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