Friday, January 29, 2010

TT Hongli MG 1/100 Strike Noir Review - Part 1

*This is the lowest price you should be able to get it for in M'sia. Normal shop price will get as high as somewhere around RM80.

I bought this one at the same time when I bought the TT Hongli PG WZC last month at Chow Kit. It was the only MG they had there and luckily, I wanted it. Looking at the box itself, I noticed that this is TT Hongli's first MG.

GAT-X105E - Strike Noir (Gundam)
Pilot: Sven Cal Bayan
Height: 17.72m
Weight: 90.51t

About the Gundam:
Strike Noir is an upgraded Strike, improving various functions from its predecessor. Its piloted by a natural, Sven Cal Bayan in the SEED OVA SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer. Read the manual scans (if you dare) for further information. =)

Part 1: Box, Box Open, Runners, Manual Scans & Building
Part 1.5: Clear Stickers & Decals
Part 2: Articulation, Gimmicks, Action and Conclusion

Read on for the box, box open, runners, manual scans and building process.

EDIT (30/01/10): Added some more detailed explanations.
EDIT (02/02/10): Wrong body part name for elaboration on the legs... knee guards, not the ankle guards. ^^;

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th Review - Part 2

Okay all, time for the 2nd and final part of this review. The first part can be found here!

Rear on for the full review as well as a battle story between Amuro and...

Random Gunpla Post Time! - Current Collection

I know some people might be curious as to how big my collection is so here are most of them... I couldn't fit some of them inside the cupboard as I haven't finished clearing it up as well as that I still have left some un-built. XP

Part 1: In the Cupboard...

Note 1: There are ONLY 3 non-Bandai Gunpla there while the shots were taken. The most obvious one is the TT Hongli PG WZC while the other two are hidden at the back...
Note 2: I later (now) put the MG God Gundam right next to Arche on the right.

Part 2: Sudden Height Comparisons
Unicorn Destroy Mode just beats the Arche by a sensor... XP

Part 3: Some Other NOT in the Cupboard
*Sorry guys, couldn't fit you all in just yet! >_<*
Strike looks awesome with a saber. O.o

NGs are fun to play around too if they have good overall articulation like the Astrays. ^_^

Oh yeah, FYI, I made a new Deviantart account. I won't promise amazing arts though as I am probably too lazy to color any of them in the end. XD

That's all for now...
Don't kill me for having so many Gundams. >_>;

Monday, January 25, 2010

HG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th Review - Part 1

Price: 1200 Yen

I just finished building the weapons this afternoon as I was lacking the mood to actually finish the poor RX78-2 for a few days. That and I haven't built Strike Noir's Striker Pack and weapons...

Strike Noir: Nevermind! I'm pimping it with this I.W.S.P. pack!
Me: >_>


About the Gundam:
This one is a special anniversary version of the grand-daddy of all Gundams, the RX78-2. The overall design is based on the Gundam statue that was erected in Odaiba last year.

Read on for the box, box opening, runners and building process.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some More Updates!

Since I don't really feel like building currently, I decided to continue upgrading up my blog, even if the update is quite minor. Anyways, I edited the Gunpla Reviews page with pictures now (small 180x64 banners links to reviews)! The pictures aren't in high quality as I wanted them to be extremely fast loading for anyone who visits my blog. Adding to that is when I put more reviews in the future. Who knows how many pictures will be in there after a while?

Okay, that's all for now! ^^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

To My University Buddies

If you're wondering about my results, I managed to pass them all with flying colors. ^^
The marks aren't that great especially for the MPW subjects (which wasn't counted in the CGPA luckily) but I managed to get one HD and three Distinctions for the previous semester (a Credit and Distinction for MPW). My Law was so close to 80 though... so darn... close... orz.

Looks like I cleared Foundation successfully and will be able to go to Degree this year! Yay! I'll be majoring in Accounting, so wish me luck in that (it will only get harder in Degree from what I've heard). For now, to enjoy my break some more. Got a lot of stuff to do. XP

For those who were not able to pass certain subjects, don't be sad! Try hard for your resit! I wish you all luck!

I also hope to see most of my group mates from last year moving to Degree as well. I don't like to see mostly unknown faces suddenly later in March. @_@

This IS Milking!

Oh ****! Not the Blue Frame 2ndR! It got totaled by the Mirage Frame 2ndI! Oh well, time for one of those probably ridiculous upgrades... bring in the Blue Frame 3rd! XP

That reminds me... I'm getting the Mirage Frame 2ndI as well besides the popular three so far this year. Its a special one that new Mirage Frame. XD

Credit: NgeeKhiong

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Layout!

As I said in the previous post, I might change the layout of the blog... and behold, I actually did!

After a quick search using Google to find some sites that hosts Blogger templates, I found one that looks usable from this site. The template I used was... this. It doesn't look so similar anymore after a few tweaks in the code. ^^

I'm not pro at HTML coding but knowledge I've obtained from a tutorial on how to increase the number of columns helped me to understand some of the stuff needed for quick and simple edits.

Anyways, with bit of rearranging and simple changes... what do you think of the new layout this time? Its not entirely complete yet, but I'm good with it for now. =)

It has a few drawbacks on my side though like not being able to have some of the usual shortcuts anymore for some reason. Must be due to the fact that this is an external template... need to see what I can do about that though...

EDIT: Oh, I worked out the kinks. Now everything is really good to go! ^_^

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Over 9000 Hits(!) & New Background (For Gunpla Reviews)

Wow, after almost a year I put up that hit counter, I've finally reached over 9000 hits! To be precise, it is well above 10200 hits now. Yay! I'm not doing much to celebrate it though since I got nothing planned at all. Maybe I might update the blog layout a little... if I can as I don't know much HTML coding (but almost everyone is doing it!). Time to hit some tutorials... eventually. XP

Note: Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. I can't think of anything I want to do with the design right now. Colors will not change however as I want that to be kept as the color identity of the blog. There's no guarantee that I will do anything in the end though, but time will see. >_>

Nevermind, I'll just get some external blog templates and play around with them. Much easier than nearly scratch coding. You can see my hijinks... here.

Yesterday, while going out to get some magazines from my usual bookstore, I decided to get some superglue. However, this time I wanted to get something a bit more stronger and thus sought for something a little pricier... in hopes that it will be better. Nonetheless, I settled with this one as it looks promising.

As statedd in the title, I changed my Gunpla review background. At the same time I bought the superglue, I also bought the biggest manila card I can find in the store. With that said, I hope the backgrounds will turn out better for the coming revies such as the TT Hongli MG Strike Noir you see above. ^^

Okay, that's all for today. Don't expect me to put up any reviews real soon though. I don't have the mood to actually finish the Strike Noir (the backpack and weapons aren't built yet - that's why its using the IWSP Striker pack) yet but maybe I might finish a certain HG G30th by tomorrow. Then again, I feel like doing some other things right now. =^

PS: I just noticed that the Strike's arm are long. Not only the PG but the MG as well. @_@

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Destiny Review

Price: RM1X*
*I bought mine for RM26 BUT you can find it for way less than RM20 from certain places such as Chow Kit.

I built this one quite a while ago but didn't ultimately felt like reviewing it in the end because of a few problems that persisted. At first it was something meager buy then I lost one of the beam boomerangs. Total mood killer. Nonetheless, I've decided to review it today as I have finished giving it a rough paint job. Would've looked nicer if I could cover the seams and sand it though. Then again, I'm pretty satisfied with this quick and rough job. Furthermore, this is my first bootleg HG... IIRC. XP

According to the manual;
ZGMF-X42S - Destiny (Gundam)
Pilot: Rear Fly Bird... (Shinn Asuka)
Height: 18.08m
Weight: 79.44t
Armaments: CIWS - Head Vulcan, High Energy Beam Rifle, Arondight Anti-Ship Sword, High Energy Long Range Beam Cannon, Palma Fiocina Beam Cannon (2), Flash Edge 2 Beam Boomerang (2), Solidus Fulgur Beam Shield Generator (2), Shield

Woah, the Destiny really comes packing with weapons but... erm.. it wasn't all that in the anime though... Basically it is Shinn's newest Gundam after his first which was the Impulse (which looks better in design IMO). Nonetheless, the Destiny shines in beauty thanks to its Wings of Light.

Read on for the review!

EDIT: Manual scans are up now! Enjoy the Engrish translations courtesy of TT Hongli. XD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food Experiment - Sausage Cheese Baked Rice

Okay, today, well tonight, I finally decided to try to cooked something that is not fried. Essentially, there are some parts that are fried such as the sausage and vegetables but that's one way of cooking them. Maybe I should steam those next time to make a healthier variety.

At any rate, the one I made wasn't as good as the base I based it on as I was short on some ingredients. I had to improvise a little as well as had to go on without some. The end result is okay but not amazing. The onions got a little burnt (left the pan on a little bit too long). @_@

It is also a bit sour but I think that's is caused by the raisins which my father told me at the very last moment. Orz.

Overall, I guess it is okay for a first try as it is edible. Haha. That's all for tonight!

(A bit late for me to eat it though as it took a while to prepare as I had to clean a whole oven!)

HG 1/144 00 Gundam & 0 Raiser Review EX

This is just a simple re-review of the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser I did before. I felt that the previous review was too short and lacking some details, so this will review will just be an add-on. Note that some aspects of the 00 Raiser can be referred through this review.

If you wanted a review on the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III, you can read on my Trans-AM Raiser review which comes with the exact same parts except color scheme.

The review sorta came out of the blue. I initially wanted to do a better review on the 00 when I get the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III (which I haven't gotten). ^^;

Note 1: I painted some parts of the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser so don't take the color accuracy as an out of box product.

Note 2: I used the red HG action base for most of this review as I was too lazy to take out the green HG base which I gave to my 0 Gundam at that point of time. The later shots with it on the green HG base was taken a while ago.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photoscape is Fun!

Normally we think that we would need some expensive software to do some nice photo edits such as the ever popular Photoshop. Nay I say! After reading chubbybots latest post about Photoscape, I finally have something to use to easily edit my pictures... without doing so much "by hand" drawings on (only used basic functions in the end).

Anyways, from my first hand experience with it, it is really easy to use. You may not be able to utilize all the functions by the first day, but the simple stuff works rather nicely like this;

I just used the simple functions highlighted by chubbybots in his simple tutorial. You can see the rest of this in the Virtue review I posted earlier this morning. XP

Furthermore... with a little bit of playing around with the editor just now...

Note: This one was a bit extremely done though. XP

Okay, that's all for this advertisement-like post. X3

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Virtue Review

Price: RM1X

Yay! Another bootleg review! However, this time, I'll be doing something a little different though it is similar to the one I did for the TT Exia a while ago. Please scroll to the bottom of the post if you wanna read the action part which I hope will entertain you... ^^

For further information on the HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue, you can read my previous review on the original here. It is a bit short and not so detailed as my more recent reviews though. ^^;

Note: The images in the action part are all edited so don't take the sudden change in texture as me painting the Virtue or something. XP

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Minor Update to Bootleg Reviews

I promised before but almost didn't keep it. Luckily, I remembered and felt like it.

What promise you ask? Well, it can be considered a minor one but I promised that I upload the manual scans of the TT Hongli HG manuals of Kyrios, Throne Eins and Dynames.

Well, if anyone wants to see em', just go to the review links at the side or below if you are lazy. XP

Note: For those who never read them before, sorry that the reviews can be a bit disappointing as my earlier methods were less intensive. @_@

That's all for tonight. Not really in the mood to do much right at the beginning of my break. Rather take things nice and slow right now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally, My Semester Break Starts!

Phew! Since I didn't or barely got any time off during the end year of 2009 due to the mandatory Summer Semester, I am finally happy and relieved to be able to get my break. =)

I won't be doing much this break but I like to do quite a number of stuff such as build the remainder of my un-built Gunpla (as well as reviewing them), go driving (I lack much experience ^^;) using my father's old car (Proton Saga!) and taking a nice relaxing break before my first year in degree starts (as long as everything goes well) in March.

I wonder if any else is having a break now?

Besides that, I did something totally random to my TT HG Exia just now. Not so random but the thought to do so kept haunting me while studying the day before. Well, anyways, here it is!

Some beam saber action using TT HG Virtue's beam saber and then...

"Pink is lame! RED is better!"
*beam saber turns red*
"Yes! Red beam saber! Me like!"
Oh noes, what had become of Exia?

Err, yeah. It's just a quick paint job for the condenser parts using the metallic red Gundam marker and (after shaking a lot) for the "toothpick" that came with the Exia (plus some part of the GN Drive though not shown). ^^;

I didn't want to peel off the already stuck on stickers so I couldn't paint some of the other parts even though it would make the Exia look oh so much more awesome (in red)... *_*

Ah, err, wait... *runs*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Will be a "Little Busy" for a Short While

Even though I had time to build the PG Wing, I have two examination papers next week on Monday and Tuesday morning. The papers require mostly memorizing so I'll probably will be reading quite a bit for the rest of the weekend (luckily lecturer went around quite a lot for one of the subjects - don't really need to study so hard for one). Don't fret, I already started. XP

Even so... I got some distractions on my mind. Aha, every time I study for an exam, my mind likes to wander around and think of stuff I might not think of normally (what?). @_@
Worst was when my mind was telling me last night, before I finally slept, "Build Virtue! Build Virtue! Paint the clear pieces red!". The next day (this morning), I couldn't get myself studying until I did that (just a quick and relaxing build - no panel lining, just red condensers).

Anyways, here are to random shots I took;

Exia wants to be "Rockman". Reference to the pose Rockman did (kinda) in the first NES game. XD

"Go study already or we will intervene YOU!"
"Wait, wait, WHA--"
Note: All of the HGs above are from TT Hongli.

Fin~ Until Tuesday night?

EDIT: Added a few of you all (some recent commentators) to my blog roll. For those who I missed, tell me and I'll add you there as well. =) Well, back to the lecture notes.

EDIT (12/01/10): Exams are over already. No new post really needed so I'll just leave this small edit here.

Friday, January 8, 2010

TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom Review - Part 3

The review many people has anticipated (I think) is now about to conclude! I wasn't able to pose it much due to the weight and size, but I did try my best to capture most of the do-able poses and points of articulation. ^^

Part 1: Box, Runners, Materials & Manual Scans
Part 2: Work in Progress (WIP) Compilation
Part 3: Overall Review

Notes: No action bases were harmed during the course of the review.

Without further delays, read on~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom Review - Part 2

This is just a quick compilation to the WIPs (you need to click the part title to see the whole thing) and some added commentaries. So, if you already read the WIPs before, you don't really need to read this part. Nonetheless, on with the second part!

Part 1: Box, Runners, Materials & Manual Scans
Part 2: Work in Progress (WIP) Compilation
Part 3: Overall Review

Note: Those who are familiar with Dalong's PG reviews may find it kinda similar though not as good since this is just added commentaries to old shots. ^^;

Part 0: Before Building a Bootleg...
Before building any Gunpla, you much have the necessary tools which consists of a side-cutter and a hobby knife (or a stationery knife will do) by the least. Some right colored markers to hide the nubs if you can buy em'. As this is a Perfect Grade (PG), you'll also need a screwdriver. Make sure you have a good one!

As for a bootleg Gunpla, you'll surely need to have a knife handy. This is to cut any excess plastic off as some parts might not ant to go in easily. You will also need some superglue ready. Some parts may want to drop off easily or you just want to secure some sections of the body. Be warned that you must be extremely careful with superglue as if you apply it wrong, the model might get problems...

Read on~

07/01/10 - Edited in some extra notes at the bottom.
08/01/10 - Noticed something about the feathers which I didn't do. XP

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom Review - Part 1

Price: RM1XX

I bought this one from Jia Yang at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. If you got access to any monorail in KL (I think), you can go here quite easily. Two other shops should also sell some more of these "TT Hongli" Gunpla but availability and price varies (there are certain rules you have to abide if you want to get lower prices).

Exact location of Jia Yang: 3.16387,101.697478 (Google Maps)

Credit to liewpk for telling a number of us through the Lowyat forums about this place! =)

Okay, enough of that. XP

Details about this MS HERE.

Part 1: Box, Runners, Materials & Manual Scans
Part 2: Work in Progress (WIP) Compilation
Part 3: Overall Review

Read on for shots of the box, runners, materials and manual scans.

Note: The earlier shots were taken in a hotel under bright sunlight from a window. I took it then because I had to "crush" the box before coming back home with the goods. ^^;

Sunday, January 3, 2010

TT Hongli PG Wing Zero Custom... Complete!

Finally! I'm done! Now... I totally exhausted for some odd reason.
Must be because I woke up early (well not so early) this past few days to complete this big guy here. Anyways, for more info about the work progress on it, read it on my alt blog.

If you're lazy, here's the direct links to each WIP.

Overall, it took me 4 days to complete, with basic panel lining and adding some gold trims. Can't imagine how long it would've took if I had the tools and been more serious... x.x

Now... to sleep.... and have to prepare for presentations... @_@

Friday, January 1, 2010

TT Hongli PG Wing Zero Custom WIP

If you want to see my WIP of the TT Hongli PG Wing Zero Custom, please visit my alternate blog, Randomness X4 to see it. The reason why I'm not posting the WIP there is to save some of my time when posting WIP stuff since I'll be using the gallery for my Wordpress posts (which will be faster). The full version will get on this blog after construction is complete. ^^

Christmas 2009 in Kuala Lumpur - Quick Write Up

One of Pavilion's Christmas trees.

I managed to go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) once again this year on 25th-30th December. It was a very lucky thing to happen since I initially thought that I would spend the whole December this year at home doing less than "important" things and simply going through Summer Semester (MPWs are not fun).

Well, the Summer Semester is gonna end quite soon but looks like I'll have to put some effort for the time lost due to me being absent - being in KL and all. Hopefully it won't be that hard as most of the notes are available to me (though I work best recalling my lecturer lecturing us).

Anyways, lets continue on with what I did in KL, though just a brief story as I can't remember all the details now, can I?

Note: The trip is a family trip, not a lone trip of simply me. Sadly, it mostly focuses on my viewpoint and lack of memory and time forbids detailed stories. XP

Happy New Year 2010!

OMG! It's a whole new year already! Somehow, it's kinda hard to believe a whole year just passed by once again. However, the year 2009 has been a great year for me (I shall call it "Gunpla Year") but a terrible year for my wallet (you can guess why, shouldn't be hard).

Hrm, that reminds me... what is gonna be my New Years resolution? I guess the easiest and most direct one is to get good grades for my coming year of University - I'm entering Degree next year (as long as everything turns out fine). Ah, that reminds me of something I have to do! Must make sure I do that tomorrow...

Another one is to complete the rest of my unfinished Gunpla and find some place to place the big one coming up real soon. Haha, time to clear some shelf space. XP

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone have a good night/morning at 12.00AM. Me? I'm building something really huge I got when in KL. Those who go to the Lowyat forums may know already what I'm building... screws can really take the time to build. ^^;


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