Saturday, November 28, 2009

PC Fair 2009 Late November Edition

So today I finally went to the PC Fair located at Level 5 Permata Carpark, Kuching. It was not sponsored by PIKOM but by Sarawak ICT(?) instead if I'm not mistaken.

The main plan of going to the PC Fair was to buy some blank DVDs and a cheapo mouse as my current mouse is figid-dy. To my disappointment, the blank DVD are not as cheap as they once were and the brand availability was very limited. I ended up buying a 100pcs Verbatim DVD-R set @ RM100. Didn't had much choices as I needed them urgently already. I was initially expecting them to be within the RM80 region like they were last year... should I blame the recent recession on this?

Other than that, I bought 2 cheapo Sensonic mice @ RM9.90 each, a cheapo E-View small keyboard @ RM15 and a new 20" LG Flatron W2043S LCD monitor @ RM399(a 14" CRT monitor doesn't cut it anymore...). My mother agreed to let me buy the monitor so I was pretty lucky to be able to get it! I'm so happy that she did. ^^ Well, there goes a good amount of cash for next month... well, at least the items are considerably less optional than my hobby items. >.>;

Overall, I find the PC Fair was slightly disappointing as there wasn't any really good enough deals, except maybe laptops, going around due to heighten IT parts prices. Don't know how the PIKOM sponsored PCFair will be though. It should be better but won't be held in Kuching. >.>

So, fellow Kuching dwellers, did you go to the PC Fair too? Disappointed? Satisfied? Found what you wanted to get?

PS: No progress on the Astray so far due to me playing Phantasy Star Zero too much(and still am). Game can be quite addicting since I haven't played such a game for a while. ^^;

Friday, November 27, 2009

HG GN Archer Quick Review & WIP MG Astray Blue Frame 2ndR

How's everyone doing today? Enjoying the "Black Friday"? Well, I'm kinda am as there's no class today and I got the time to do whatever again. ^_^

Lately, I've gone back to the "gaming mood" and have to go through Summer Semester at Swinburne so I'll probably update less on the blog on Gunpla for a while... Fret not, I'm currently building the MG Astray Blue Frame, though only the head and torso is completed thus far. Then again, I only started last night. ^^;

At any rate, I did a quick review on the HG 1/144 GN Archer to test out a new background and lighting(natural sunlight) over at my Wordpress blog. My room doesn't have the best exposure to sunlight, but I like to know what you all think about it as I might do my future reviews with this setting. The lighting also can be from my fluorescent light as well. =)

Oh yeah, is anyone else going to the PC Fair today or for the weekends? Hopefully there will be something worthwhile when I go there....

That's all for now and I plan to finish the Blue Frame by Sunday~Monday if possible. XP

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Room Rearrangement & Arios Review

Its that time of the year when you spend your time to do a little "spring cleaning" for your house/room. Because of that, my nose is sneezing like hell due to me being very easily affected by dust. ~.~

Well, to be exact, it's not really spring cleaning but some stuff in my room and my younger sibling's room got rearranged. Now each of us got one bed each(we had two initially due to room sharing and old beds left over).

My mother also got me a "new" computer table which actually is not new. Nonetheless, it was completely FREE. Her office decided to let go of some stuff by "auctioning" stuff out especially computer tables(at dirt cheap prices). During that "auction" there came this table that was auctioned for FREE but NO ONE wanted it because of just one missing screw and its older than the rest. Pfft. My mother decided to get it in the end and it now in my room for my old computer to sit on, next to my BED. ^^;

Current configuration;
That's our house old comp(bought early 2006) that was used by my sister before until I got her the new computer last year for Christmas(which can be said leaps and bounds faster). As you may have known, the LCD monitor died a while ago and I had to switch to a retro monitor that was bought in 1996(IIRC) with my Windows 95 computer(which can still work but currently tucked away). Too bad my other, but larger and slightly newer, retro monitor was scraped due to over-usage too. ^^; FYI, this is my constantly used computer for mainly internet browsing, blogging and light gaming(older games works best on XP after all). Too bad I don't have another LCD monitor spare, 1024x768 is small nowadays. Then again, my biggest monitor is only 17" in the end excluding the 32" LCD TV.

Basically its made full of retro-ness. You can't get that kind of table nowadays(I think) and the keyboard and speakers are 2002'd.

Also, since somebody asked before, I did a quick review on the HG 1/144 Arios Gundam over at my Wordpress blog. I did the photoshoot practically alongside the Hi-Nu so not much time was used. Sorry if the review is not up to par with my regular ones. Its just a quick one on a practically EOL product after all. ^^;

Bonus image~! Here's a shot of my MG Exia Repair + Strikes Arm sitting down acting boss with the other kits(and while I was semi-cleaning my room). XD

Okay that's all for now. Darn, my nose really annoys me right now. Cleaning up can really be a pain when dust can easily affect you. Can't really do much stuff actually now. XP

Saturday, November 21, 2009

HGUC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam Review - Part 2

Quickly continuing the previous post of the review, here is part 2, the finally.

I really can't think of what poses to take sometimes since there really should be a HGUC Nightingale to pair up with this guy... it feels lonely. ^^;

Okay lets get on with the review~

HGUC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam Review - Part 1

Price: 2200 Yen

~Life Rant~
Phew! Finals is over and what did I do? I built a Gundam. What a good way to start your break... if only I actually have a break. Sigh, Tuesday and its back to the books I go. However, before that I hope I can finish up some of my desired things I want to do(like building that Blue Frame and playing a new game or two).
~End Life Rant~

RX93-V2 Hi-V(Nu) Gundam
Pilot: Amuro Ray
Height: 20.0m
Weight: 27.9t
Armaments: Fin Funnels(6), Head Vulcan Gun, Arm Machine Gun, Beam Rifle, Beam Saber(3?), New Hyper Bazooka, Shield

MS Note: Hi-Nu is the novel version of the Nu Gundam. It is not an upgrade to the Nu even though it seems like it. I can't really say much about this Gundam as I haven' seen Char's Counterattack yet so it is basically Amuro's final Gundam which happens to be a mobile suit for Newtypes(psycommu system).

Okay, lets get on with the first part of the review. If you're curious about some points of articulations and gimmicks, I'll cover some of them during the construction phase below.

Note: Does the photos look alright to you? Not too blurry or something? I'm asking since I'm lowering the JPEG quality to reduce space used and my upload times. ^^;

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finals(Semester 2 2009) End! Yay?

Finally after letting this blog go on a hiatus run due to finishing TWO assignments and the FOUR final papers that just finished today. For the (group) assignments, my groups manage to get very good marks. I was so happy that we could get those marks, that I was almost going to jump in joy. Go team~ ^^

As for the final exam, hopefully I'll get my targeted marks since it wasn't all as difficult as I initially expected (except for maybe the last paper however). I guess my perseverance in forcing myself to read the textbooks and notes really did help make the exam less stressing (though I'm mentally exhausted).

At any rate, now I have some free time once again to do whatever I want as the Foundation course is done for now. Sadly I still have the Summer Semester to do starting next month, ending in the 2nd week of January. According to one of our lecturers, we might be running against the clock most of the time during the compulsory semester due to its shortness and amount of work needed to be done. For now, I have some time to kill for non-education stuff.

With that said, I wanted to build the Blue Frame but decided not to as I felt my hands to be a little rusty and well I have another kit begging to put together. Remember my trip to KL last July? Well, I finally decided to build the HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam. I made a few mishaps while building it though but I'm still happy with the results thus far. Its not completed yet as I slowly put it together and doing additional add-ons (panel-lining and some paint).

Here's an early preview;
As you can see, the back-section is not done yet. I was building this the whole night and just stopped pass midnight. The mishaps I did (darn silver marker leaking onto my palm and me doing something totally unreasonable resulting in a part breaking off) made it a little annoying and longer to finish. Err, yeah. I'm contemplating to either paint the beam rifle and bazooka silver or leave it be until I get me some proper painting equipment. =/

Also, did anyone tried the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta yet? I just downloaded it but haven't had the opportunity to install it yet. Going to try it out real soon, like... tomorrow? =D

Okay, that's all for now. >.>

PS: Hey guys, got any good MMORPGs that is "free 2 play" which you consider fun to play currently? I feel like playing at least one for a while (I normally play online games but never break level 30) to make my life well, more varied. XP

Note: I might also update my alternate blog once in a while with some miscellaneous stuff, but mostly smaller posts. Keep an eye out as you may find some funny and interesting stuff posted up by me. ^^

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finals Next Week... Something Troublesome I Just Noticed...

Okay, so finals are next week and I barely have the time to linger around(though watching a series while studying at the same time) too much. Then while checking out the "Blackboard", I noticed something which felt like we're told very late... or maybe I've never notice an earlier notice about it. Nonetheless, its quite troublesome but hopefully I can resolve this problem quickly on Monday(as the place to do so should operate during regular working hours only). Sigh, there goes the calm with the storm coming in sooner than expected, though not study-related.

Ah wait, it was a fairly common problem and was resolved rather quickly and easily. Now to continue studying... @_@

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something Weird I Noticed in Real Life...

You know when you borrow or received help from someone else? Well, I always find it weird that people you borrow or get help from always say "thank you" instead of "you're welcome". It's especially strange when I, the borrower or person being assisted, says "thank you" to be thanked back.

Naturally it is supposed to be "thank you for your assistance" then the person you thanked should say something along the lines of "you're welcome". Naturally. Or maybe I could be wrong. ^^;

Monday, November 2, 2009

HG 1/144 0 Gundam ("00" Gundam) Review - Part 2

Part 1 here.

~Life Rant~
Sigh~ If only I have another long holiday soon but unfortunately I have a final exam in less than 2 weeks. Looks like its time to hit the books once again. However, for now, I'll finish up this reaview on the 0 Gundam.

Also, I recently got a new "blue buddy" with a "big sword". Care to guess who? I wasn't all that set to buy it so soon as it doesn't really have any limited parts(IIRC) but seeing as I'll buy it sooner or later, I decided to buy it now as my budget was just enough. Now I'm practically broke again. ^^;
~End Life Rant~

Additional bonus image!

Okay, let's finish up this review. It is important that you remember that this is only a HG model kit but its awesome!


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