Sunday, May 29, 2011

Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam Review

Price: 3500 Yen
More info on the X-20A Strike Freedom Gundam @ MAHQ.

This is a horribly belated review. I blame my sudden urge of gaming busier real life. Nonetheless, I don’t want to skip this out just because of timing problems. It may not bring upon a plausible purchase consideration as the product has been discontinued (but there might be some local shops having this in stock or there might be a reissue in the future though). This will be a rather long review (not as long as another RD figure though, since posing this guys was rather troublesome) but I’m typing this with some time constraintsLink so I won’t be editing the omake just yet.

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PS: Trip got delayed to tomorrow so I was able to type this out today.

Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam Preview

See it at my Facebook album.
Not really a preview when these are all the shots I'll be using to make the extremely late review of the figure once I have enough time to sit down to type it up proper. In a way, the review can't really do much in terms of a purchase consideration as it has been discontinued. There's always a chance for it to be re-released sometime in the future or some hobby shop luckily have it in stock.

PS: I'll be off for Gawai next week. Those who are celebrating Gawai too, Selamat Ari Gawai!

For those curious, just read a bit ahead for an early pro and cons write down.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick Omake (Via FB): Strike Freedom VS Destiny

More at my Facebook album.
Do not take the images as your own, I've seen some of my stuff taken without a word of mention of where it came from, especially since these aren't watermarked. I won't attack you or anything but be moralistic about other people's efforts.

Note: HG Destiny is from TT Hongli which I got two years back now. Wasn't easy posing something that literally falls apart off every time I adjust the arms and wings. I can say the same to the RD SF too as well... I'll tell you the weaknesses in detail soon enough but I can expect you guys to guess the logical weakness it has.


This is just a quick simple omake I did for the long overdue review of the Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam I got last year. I heavily blame the lack of reviews for my final gets of 2010 figures due to time loss to my re-inspired will to game once more (as well as getting a busier role in real life). I can elaborate on that here but I think a previous post on my secondary blog explains it well enough.

As the review is late, it is a gun-sure thing I'll make them so long and as detailed as possible when I can, I hope I'll be at least. It is the least I can do due to the lack of attention I've been giving them lately. ^^;

Until the actual review with the proper graphical edits. :P
Okay, I seriously needs to focus my attention to my finals next week, wish me luck guys!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Argument: PS3 VS Xbox 360

I wrote a personal opinion about these two consoles earlier this month. I admit I'm not completely knowledgeable about them so some of my points are not exactly right and/or tells the whole story. Nonetheless, I'd like to see what you guys think and know what you guys know about these two.
Right now, the Xbox 360 is gaining a better light compared to the PS3 even though my initial thoughts were otherwise.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mc Model HG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom Manual Scans

Since I'm resting for a bit, I decided to scan the manual of the recent release from a China company - Mc Model, the Hi-Nu Gundoom. I just got it earlier this week but won't have time to build it until next month. At any rate, here are the scans.

You totally must read this one! Unlike other bootlegs, if you'd like to call this one which it technically isn't, the English text is very interesting to read especially the Soul Cleaver System. Didn't know Amuro can do that...

Until the actual review~
(RD SF will come first of course.)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

HGFC Shining Gundam & HGFC Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki! O_O

HGFC Shining Gundam @ 1500 Yen, HGFC Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki @ 2600Yen
Release Date: August 2011
Source: GundamGuy

OMG! Look at that Shining Finger Sword! Please tell me it will come with that! O.O It would be totally awesome and really worth it. You can totally recreate lots of awesome scenes with that. The one thing I don't like about the HGFC Shining so far is...
That's one obvious seam line on the arms. Looks like Bandai tried to hide it by making it a panel line but... I don't feel it looks right.

HGFC Master is looking pretty good at this point. Full armor (forgot what the mode is actually called) and FUUNSAIKI! Now all we need is Devil Gundam...
Nothing much for me to say for it yet besides the set looks to be very nice to include his companion as well as the possibility to recreate the epic scenes from G Gundam between Domon and Master Asia. :D

Hopefully I can get them when they come over here due to my hopeful end year purchase. Nonetheless, these I won't miss out.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Get! Part 3 (Final)!

Holy spending, Batman! Okay, these are small items that are a week apart so I hope no one attacked me about it. :P

Bought a HDMI switch for my Work/Play Space since I got the Dell monitor two weeks ago. This one doesn't need an external power source and works as well as I hoped. (The monitor only has one HDMI input but I want to connect 3 devices - PC, PS3 & Xbox 360, so I looked for a switch.) Costs RM37 without postage.

It is just that I finally can come to a conclusion that you shouldn't really try to invest in really cheap HDMI cables unless you've good experience with them before. They do work well enough but sometimes don't connect properly if bent too much. ^^;

Next up...
This one, as you all know costs 1000 Yen and just arrived at Momotoys earlier this week. I immediately got it since I was dragged there (not literally). As I don't own the HGUC, yet, I'll get this first for the time being. It will pair up with my SD Unicorn very well. >:D

I hope I can build it after my assignments are done or after my finals later this month. At any rate, gold trims! Fight-oh!

Okay, back to my important work. :(


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