Sunday, October 31, 2010


*is preoccupied*
Oh wait, I had a blog? I haven't updated recently?
Oh... ****.

Seriously, I didn't forget about my blog but there has been a lack of Gunpla for a while. That might change soon since Momotoys will re-open tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to go there and get some HGs. I don't think I can get all of them but I'll definitely get a certain two. There is also a non-Gundam model kit I might get since that show really got to me. Shippu Kirifuda!
Seravee: JIIII~!
Me: >_>; *pushes back*

At any rate...

PSP-3006 Lilac Purple 5.03 Gen-C
I couldn't get a pink one, as most would predict me to do, but I got the other color I liked - purple. This is the 300X series so it isn't fully modded. Can't wait for November though since there is a new mod coming out which will make this PSP easier to, ahem, "play games".

When I suddenly wanted to buy this PSP not too long ago, I didn't know the PSP market demand was on the rise in Kuching, or maybe even the whole of Malaysia. Most likely due to some of the recent game releases this year which undoubtedly made the value of the PSP as a gaming system go up. The main reason why I bought it was because of Kingdom Hearts BBS, P3P and Dissidia. A few other games are are recently added to the list such as the Phantasy Star and Monster Hunter series. Few of the good games which are great to play. MGS Peace Walker also gets a mention from me. I only got into the MGS series earlier this year so I haven't really played the whole series yet. Need some time there since the game is pretty long due to the long narratives.

Anyways, I actually wasn't able to buy this PSP with my current allowance savings but I was lucky to get it with some support from my parents in the end. Very thankful to them. =)

Okay, onwards to the game world! Boku no PFP~!!!

PS: Thanks to all who commented on the previous post. I bought this PSP at Hopoh in the end. Although I planned to get a 2nd hand/recon unit, the price was too close to a brand new PSP-300X unit which is slightly superior and of course, new!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nintendo DS The Sims 3 First Impressions

Another non-Gundam entry? I must be of some kind of different crack lately. Nah, just having some fun elsewhere. ^^ Now if only I have a PSP in hand too... >.>


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Odd Question - Anyone Wants to Let Go of Their PSP?

Not that this is very sudden or anything but I'm looking for a 2nd hand PSP (100X/200X) preferably a modded one or at least a mod-able one. I'm a bit limited to COD-ing in Kuching only though and I can only go as high as RM500.

Yeah, so, any takers? >.>
Note: This isn't urgent or anything but if you're thinking of letting go of your PSP, you got a customer right here. XP Further details will be given if there's any takers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sword Spark

Woah, my new phone camera can really take decent shots! Anyways, doodled this in class just now based on something I've sketched before. Spark doesn't run on TDS, so there isn't as much hax as 00 Raiser nor 00 Qan[T] here. Just pure melee combat capabilities added on. Those who have seen it before would notice some differences as well as returning equipment.

1x GN Buster Sword/Rifle*
6x GN Dagger Bit**
2x GN Beam Saber
1x GN Claw Bit***
*Similar to Arche's sword. It has a "hidden" rifle in the middle. There is a small rapid fire barrel near the handle as well.
**Similar to the smaller GN Sword Bit. Can encircle the GN Buster Sword to charge its main rifle for a stronger shot. This gimmick is also used on the Storm.
***Based on Sword Strike and Deathscythe EW. It has a wire attachment. The beam shield is still use-able, although needs to be "relayed" through the claws mechanism.

GG Capricorne & GG DBull (Dark Bull) Beyblade Review

I wanted to do this last weekend but my internet connection failed badly. Right now, I'm at school posting this up. Don't fret, I'm pretty free for the time being. ^^

RM9.90 for GG Capricorne
RM12.90 for GG DBull

Capricorne is cheaper since it doesn't come with a launcher grip. Don't fret, the newer launchers from the Metal Fight/Fusion Beyblade series is considerably large so it isn't hard to hold at all unlike the original series which were quite small.
As a comparison, an original Beyblade with a similar set to Capricorne here costs RM39.90 in a normal toy shop. I seriously wished originals are cheaper to obtain since that price is simply killer. =_=

I don't really know that much about the Beyblades stats itself but from this site, I learned a bit. You can read more information about the DBull here. You can also read the comments in the previous Beyblade review by Chris for more information.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Phone Test

Are you guys feeling it too, the extremely slow internet? Well, most likely it only affect Streamyx users. Hopefully that won't last long as it really makes it harder for me to do anything even my assignment (due to need of internet).

The Beyblade review will be done once the internet shapes up or tomorrow BTW.

At any rate, the main point of this post is that I suddenly acquired the Samsung Champ(ion)! O.o
It wasn't planned or anything but stuff happened and I ended up getting a white model. It is nothing fancy though, a budget touch screen phone which fits my needs.
It comes with a 2.4" full touch screen, a sub-standard 1.3MP camera and the GPRS/EDGE internet stuff (no WiFi or 3G, don't need it anyways).
Even though the camera is a small step down from my previous phone (which had a 2MP camera), it is actually more clearer. Now I'll have something more decent on the go for random photo-snapping. Hehe.

Taken with a Sony Ericsson K530i, 2MP.

Taken with a Samsung Champ(ion), 1.3MP.
Both have been down-scaled to 1024x768, 50% JPEG compression.

Other than that, at least the Champ has a standard earphone jack which makes it easier for me to listen to music with my already available headphones or earphones (which are not of the cheap variety). XP If you want to know more, navigate the Samsung homepage since I can't retrieve the link right now and/or Google some reviews on it (hope you understand Bahasa Indonesia for some). Here's the link to the main page.

Okay, that's all for now. Internet too bad for any long posts, even this one took a long while to post up. x.x

EDIT: Some mistakes in the info. <.<;

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dying Links

Hm, I notice some of the GIF images in the template I'm using right now is dying out and 404-ing. Thus, I think it is time again for me to update my template though I won't have time for anything extensive for a good while yet. Because of that, I'm just doing some half-arsed edits so that you won't suddenly see white and blue around the blog (Tinypic's 404 image).
ETA for any good template editing/creating would be around December after my finals. ^^;
(If you guys saw any good - easy to edit and fitting with my color scheme - templates can suggest me one.)

Oh yeah, thanks to Chris follow up comments on my recent Beyblade reviews, I bought two more yesterday. Chris, I think you can easily guess which I bought. XD Will post up the review this weekend after my midterms today and tomorrow are over with.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Know What I'll Get Next Year

Source: Gundam Guy, GA Graphic
On a note of pure irony. HGFC Nobel Gundam is coming out next year on January at a nice price of 1500 Yen. It is ironic that this will be released next in the HGFC line since I've stated I wanted it for the sake of the pairing that didn't happened in the series. Once I've gotten this, time for the epic God Gundam to hold the Nobel Gundam in its arms with a sunset* background!
*Use your imagination for this unless I take a photo outdoors in the future review. O.O

Oh yeah, does it looks similar to a certain mobile suit from Gundam 00 as well? >.>

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Handheld Legacy & Life

Haven't been Gunplaying lately, well except preparing the HG Seravee's clear parts yesterday, since I'm still in a gaming mood as well as doing my other hobbies. I have way too many hobbies compared to a normal human being I think (drawing, cooking, gaming, building stuff, taking photos of this and that, taking videos, etc). ^^;

Recently, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded came out for the NDS. Its the Japanese version of course and I've played it for about 2 hours plus and currently in Wonderland so far. Don't really like this place ever since the original release of the first game though so I'm doing it rather slowly.
The game is pretty interesting and quite fun. It actually brings some other game elements which I say makes the game quite diverse and surprising. Puzzles seem to be a high in this game as well as jumping fun. You'll solve many puzzles, which are fortunately not all that complex, find holes in the "data world" and have a grid-like leveling system which looks like a cross between FFX and KH358/2 Days leveling systems.
Venturing in the world of data where some enemies can appear suddenly can be very surprising as far as Kingdom Hearts goes. I'm quite enjoying this game even though I've played a number of KH titles already. Refreshing battle system but the worlds being visited feel a like a nostalgia trip which I already knew before playing. Nonetheless, KH on the go can take up some of my free time when I'm free at school. :)

Other than that, I'm playing DiRT 2 on the NDS as well. Pretty nice and somewhat easier than the PC counterpart. Those who were in the flash chatroom might remember the time when Tsuki and I were showing off some screens for the game on the PC.
Decent graphics and physics as far as handheld racing goes which is overall very good and can really use up a lot of your time once you get into the game and race here and there. Seriously, the Evo X is like the best car here and I love its red liveries. XD There isn't a story for this one, not like the original PC version had an actual story in the first place. It is basically race, kick some arse, get cash, buy your Evo X and enjoy the game.

After all that gaming, I sat down and thought back on my gaming life. It all started thanks to my cousin who showed me Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I played it later on when I got the really easy to get over here bootleg NES. I think it is still working, the console, though I'm lazy to take it out since I can just play it on an emulator and use a decent controller now. XP

Ah, my GBC and GBA, how long since I've actually played any games on them? Not when almost all the cartridges are unable to save anymore and some are unable to boot some more. Sad, so many saves gone and so many unfinished. I've played mostly RPGs at the time so it's kinda sad. Atleast my Pokemon Blue can still load the save properly with that MissingNo I've caught a while back. XP
The one I played with most between the GBA and GBC is probably the GBA since it can run the previous GB* games as well which made bringing around the GBC quite redundant. Now with the NDS, my GBA isn't needed anymore except for non-GBA GB* games since they don't work on the NDS. Ironically, all the handheld systems you see above were bought with Pokemon games in mind. Funny how a single franchise can make you buy three generations of consoles. Then, when I think about it, will I buy the 3DS? I'm sure I will but not anytime soon.
*Color choices for the GBC and GBA weren't in my favor... The GBC was a surprise gift and I wanted purple for the GBA but the shop ran out of that color at that time. D:

Those who are in my FB contact might have seen this already. A work in very slow progress, an entertainment center I would like to call it. Not all you see above are mine so some are shared to be used by the household but technically I have reign over it since my parents don't really use them. The desktop, however, is quite "mine".
One of my time and quite cash consuming hobbies, computer hardware.
If you're curious as to what is inside it, don't expect anything great as it was built to be a budget system which will be a budget gaming system soon enough once the HD6750/70 comes about. Depending on performance and prices, I might even get a HD5750/70 instead with what has been made known about the latest soon to be released offering from AMD. Honestly, I didn't expect them to rebadge the cards. Frankly, I'm disappointed with AMd with this move although it might end up profitable for them. Ah well, I hope the HD5000 series drops in price (greatly) if the HD6000 series is as seen so far. ^^;
So far, it took 2 years to reach this stage. Wished my mother didn't buy this LCD TV so soon at the time but I'm happy with what's already available in house although my suggestion for her to buy it a little later would result in something with a full HD capability instead... maybe.

A PS2 and Xbox 360? A last gen console and a next gen console on one table. So need to get some component cables for the PS2 and a HDMI cable for the Xbox 360 since it doesn't look so sharp right now with the basic video input cables. ^^;
PS2 was a present from my mother, a really big surprise when I thought I would never get something like a PS2 until even when the PS3 is released at the time. Very thankful that she did though. :)
Xbox 360, as stated in previous posts, took some time to save up before actually buying it. Will I be able to reach my goal of getting every current gen consoles? No, I'm not rich BTW, it took quite a lot of planned spending and budgeting as well as time to get the stuff I want. :P

Okay, if you read all that, thanks for reading but if you skip to the end, oh well. TL;DR. XP

That's all for now. Until the next posting.
As for a topic of discussion, what's your take on your gaming and/or computer life? (if you also harbor any interest in these more expensive hobbies, as they say)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alternatives & Releases Discussion

Although the end of a great blog is a sad thing to happen, we must continue to move on. Those who haven't found a blog similar to Ngee Khiong may like this one - guNjap.

From said blog, let's see what's interesting is coming out (sources are from said blog). :D

HGAW 1/144 Gundam X Divider
No matter how you look at it, it simply looks badass. Even though it loses the BFG, it is pretty intimidating with its "new" armaments. And who doesn't like dual beam swords?
Release on December @ 1800 Yen.

Master Keita's Custom, Err, Balls
Master Keita has done it again! It would be funny if Amuro and Char actually fought in these in the series. Wait, what if every MS were practically Balls? :O
Will Char's have a hidden leg for kicking purposes? XD

Mega Sized 1/48 Char's Zaku II
Mega Size 1/48 Char's Zaku II! Just like with the soon to be released RG 1/144 Char's Zaku II, we'll be getting this giant as well. For those who have the Mega Sized 1/48 RX78-2 Gundam would want to get this. Imagine them filling out your whole shelf space battling it out. XD
Well, if you got the RG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam instead and if you bought this, we will have some small guy VS big guy going on (if you get what I mean). XP
December release @ 7800 Yen.

Kotobukiya 1/10 Blues
Argh! Blues! I think some of you would know, if you read my profile, that I'm a huge Rockman/MegaMan fan, and this release is just so... :D
Rockman, Roll and Blues. Wonder if I'll get them considering Koto's past? Wait, wonder if anyone in my blogroll will get one of them? If you do, tell me how's Rockman build feels. ^^
January release @ 3000 Yen.

BB 00 Qan[T]
Oooh, it definitely looks better than the prototype, way better! The color separation looks pretty decent and it indeed looks cute and somehow cool at the same time! Looking at how it is, I probably get this one as well when it comes out. (Will I end up with 3 00 Qan[T]s by the end of the year?)
December release @ 800 Yen.

Okay, that's all for now. Any releases you guys are anticipating?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lightning & Storm

With some time in-between class yesterday, here are some *finalized* designs of the other 2 Gundams which goes together with the Spark.

My Deviantart HERE.

My Deviantart HERE.

For those unfamiliar may read up an older post here. Some more details when you open the sketches over at Deviantart also for those who want further details. :)

That's all for today. My hands feel a bit cramped after the long post over at my secondary blog as well as carrying some stuff not long after that on the way home. :X

Ngee Khiong Ends His Blog – Personal Opinions

For those who are familiar as to how I post my stuff will realize I’m going to do a heck long post here regarding what NK said as his finale to his renown blog. As sad as it is for him to end it, all good things will eventually come to an end although I personally find this end to be quite sudden (on the readers side) since it could have gone for many many years to come.

I warn those who read this that this is completely my personal opinion on this turn of events.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Ngee Khiong Ends His Blog

Oh noes! Yabai-desu!

Those who frequent his blog, I know most of you do, will be saddened by this. I'm also pretty sad considering he is someone who is quite nearby in my real life location. >.>

Anyways, now it seems like we will have to manually find the Gunpla and so on news ourselves since he has the most extensive news reach thus far but I understand his decision. It can't be helped I guess...

Thank you NK for all the news you have brought to us and sorry that the community didn't grow as you wanted (I feel partly at fault). I guess we better learn from a certain Gundam 00 about that...

Gundam SEED Destiny - Destiny End - Palm Blast Rough Sketch

Some of you may know that I've been thinking of a Destiny End diorama or at least scene in which we get a "bad end" for Gundam SEED Destiny instead of the train wreck we got in the actual series. Some may argue it was not so but this is my opinion here.

For now, here is a large sketch of a skill that was unfortunately never used in the TV series.

For those who forgot, read more for some older sketches.


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