Thursday, June 25, 2009

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Exia

Before you read this review, please go to this link and this link and read on the original HG Exia first.
Just like the review on the TT Hongli HG 1/144 Union Flag, I will now be reviewing the TT Hongli HG 1/144 Exia.

I bought this at the same time as when I bought the Union Flag in Miri and it costs me RM19. Quite reasonable as the original only goes as low as RM45 now as well as the R2 version being similarly priced. Off course, if you have the original or the R2, there is no point in buying this, or is there? I bought it because I thought that maybe I might mod it later on when the tools are readily available to me and create something. Hehe. =3

Well at any rate, here goes the review!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Small & Simple Update

Well, if anyone visits tonight/today, you'll see that I have changed the banner once again. ^^
It's simple and hopefully looks better than the previous one. =3

It didn't take me a long time to make it plus I had some good free time earlier this morning. XP

Unfortunately, my Internet connection is still horrible. D= I can barely get on for more than 5 minutes now. Being on right now to do this small update is already quite difficult.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of any updates this week thus far. Many problems and responsibilities plague me this week. D=

I had two assignments that needed attention so that I can finish them in time and worst of all is Streamyx is doing their rather routinely "upgrading" which totally makes me unable to use the Internet without having to restart my modem every 30 minutes or so just to visit any website, including this one. I tried to post a review just now but the pictures didn't upload very well as it seems like they didn't reach Google's server. =(

Hopefully I can post the reviews up soon as I have two ready to be shown. =)

Also, I managed to buy these two earlier this month;
Even if I was saving up for the MG Exia(though, it will come in August over here, so no biggie, I guess), an offer I could not refuse came to me when a Lowyat forum seller was selling his stuff at 0.03 rates! This means that the price in Yen is multiplied by 0.03 to be converted into our money, Ringgit. Seriously an offer I could not refuse. Unluckily, the Zeta 2.0 HD finished stock before I could get that one... D= Otherwise, the Strike IWSP that my sister wanted and the Gundam MkII Titans 2.0 HD were also in my to get list. =D
That also reminds that I almost bought the MkII at Sarawak Plaza for RM219.90 a while ago. ^^;;

At any rate, my final exams for this semester is coming up, so I will most probably not update anything on this blog starting from Monday next week until 3rd of July by the least. Wish me luck. =D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sims 3 and What **** You Can Do In It

Article URL:

Please read the article for one of the most craziest things I've read so far on what you can do in a game. XD

I think I should try this out once my assignments and exams are over, which is I guess around next month. =D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TT Hongli HG 1/144 Union Flag Review

Unlike my previous or any reviews done before by me, I will review a bit on one of some bootleg Gunpla I have bought recently. Why did I buy it some may ask? The reason why I bought it was to see how good the quality was and the possibility whether I can use it as a testbed for further modeling techniues in the future.

It is rather cheap, but not dirt cheap, if you can get the exact price just like as if bought from a China store directly, it can go well below RM10, which to me is highly reasonable. However, that is unlikely, but I was fortunate enough to be able to buy it for RM19. Not too bad but not so great of a price either, but then again, I bought it.

The Union Flag is a mass produced transformable mobile suit used by the Union. Basically, it is an early grunt unit in Gundam 00 Season 1.

Model No.: SVMS-01
Height: 17.9m
Weight: 67.1t
Armaments: Linear Rifle, Defense Rod, Sonic Blade(Plasma Sword), 20mm Machine Gun, Leg Missile

Read on for the full review!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

URL Change!

After a bit of thinking since the revitalization of the blog, I finally decided to change the domain name to something much more easier to type and remember as well as less crappy. =3

From now on, the URL of this blog shall be;

I hope it will be much easier to type in and remember from now on. ^^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Malaysian Hot Springs?

Last weekend on a fine Saturday morning, my classmates of Group 4 of English & Communications Skills Part 1 went to a hot spring. I'm not very clear on the exact location but it was pretty far off, requiring an hour drive from the Kuching airport to reach the location. To my knowledge, it is somewhere far away from Serian about 27th Mile. The place was rather secluded and lots of fine greenery can be seen. Natural surroundings were nice to see and feel. ^^

Notes: Within this blog post, I'll give out the first names of some of the people in our group. This is so that it is much easier for me to highlight some events of interest and the important stuff. =)

This post will be rather long, especially with the tonnes of pictures I will be showing, so those with a slow connection, beware!

Friday, June 5, 2009

1000 Hits!

After "reviving" this blog for about 3 months, it looks like the counter has finally hit the 1000 visitors mark! Yay~

Actually I have been back since Tuesday night, but have nothing good to blog about. My visit to Miri was basically empty with being sick and all. All I did was go to the local mall which is not like any malls in the Peninsular region, an unfinished KL-like mall and my uncle's house besides just my aunt's house. Being sick took away my opportunities to do much that requires some extra physical energy and probably mental plus it was hot as **** in Miri. There was no rain at all during the duration of my stay. =/

I did manage to find a nice shop selling some bootleg Gunpla though. Seeing them cheap and some hard to find models, I bought some, even if they are not original. To be frank, they are not really "pirated" per say, but according to what I have read, it seems they bought a license to be able to produce some models from Bandai. Minus the fact they cannot produce them greater than 90% the same. The models, especially from TT Hongli are top notch for their price and origin location. The prices are really not so bad, some may fall way below 50% of the original.

Building such models may take extra patience though as some fittings are a bit more tighter and stickers not being cut properly, but if you are up to it, the final product can still amaze you. ^^
I will be putting up some reviews about them soon-ish, with a recommendation to get them only if you cannot get the original or maybe you want to do a cheap/trial kit-bash/modding/paint job. Great for when you want to try some new modeling skills, persumably. =D

Tomorrow, my class/group will go to the hot spring near 10th Mile for a class outing for our class magazine we have to do for one of our subjects. How will it be? Fun? Exciting? Enjoyable? Article-able? Amazing? Spectacular? Georgelicious? I will see tomorrow, though I think I may end up just benching myself since I am not good with water and heat. >_>

I guess that's all the ramblings I will give for now. Real life is sure busy lately. XP


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