Sunday, May 30, 2010

HG 1/144 Gundam Astraea Type F Review - Part 1

"Astraea is officially War Machine!" - Z
Price: 1800 Yen

I finally found some free time currently so I thought I better post up the first part of the review since the photos have already been taken for a while already. I have yet to take the required photos for the next part however so that will have to wait. Nonetheless, let's go on with the first part.

GNY-001F - Gundam Astraea Type F
Pilot: Fon Spaak
Faction: Fereshete
Height: 18.3m
Weight: 55.1t
Arms: GN Launcher, GN Beam Saber (2), GN Beam Rifle, Proto GN Sword, GN Shield, GN Hand Missile, GN Beam Pistol (2), *NGN Bazooka, GN Hammer
*NGN stands for Non-GN which means that the bazooka is able to use physical shells without the need of using GN particles. It can, however, use it to enhance its effectiveness IIRC (credit to the Gundam Animesuki forums).

About the Gundam:
Unlike the Gundam Astraea Type F and F2 seen in 00F, the one depicated here is actually the Black Gundam Astraea which is fitted with a fake solar furnace AKA GN Drive Tau. After the final battle in 00F, it seems that Fon steals that Black Gundam Astraea and made it his own since his own Astraea is not usable anymore (due to the need of giving back the original solar furnace to Celestial Being). As for its ridiculous amount of armaments... it looks like Fon has been happily scavenging lots of places lately...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CPA(ASC) Undergraduate Conference 2010

Today was a rather long day and was rather fun. There was a moment when my heart beat rapidly but that was because of the presentation we needed to do.

Want to know more? Read on!
Note: This post will be rather short as I want to keep it at a minimum since I feel that I shouldn't spam a photo for every single thing. I'll just talk about the important stuff. =)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Can Hear the RAGE Already

Keeping this post real short as I do not want to spoil too much (or you can just look to the left side), go here to read on something I "created" yesterday and today.

You might be surprised or RAGE or some other kind of reaction. XP

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Gunpla Shots - Momotoys

While I was trying to do something (unfortunately I wasn't able to), I lepak over at Momotoys for a while before going back. Talked to the people there for a while and watched something totally hilarious. Good way to release some tension I guess since I'm feeling quite a lot lately thanks to the higher load of schoolwork due to exams coming up and assignments need to be done ASAP (almost done so its not so bad, assignment-wise).

Anyways, enough babbling repeating words, here are some shots of the Gunpla which are displayed at Momotoys which I played around with a little yesterday evening. XD

Dunno who did this one but its quite well done. It has a very nice matt finish and I just touched and posed it a little. Those who frequently go to Momotoys would've seen this one for quite a long while already. Really love that hangar base. =D

Just touch touch this one a bit. Quite impressed with the articulation of this rather old kit (Elbows can bend, feet can bend and shoulders can go up and down!). Makes me want to get that Strike + Force Impulse set even more now. XP
Its a bit loose but that's probably due to old age. FYI, this isn't mine either.

Relatively old kit and its VERY loose already. Seems like it lost one wing and didn't bring along its trademark TBR. Nonetheless, I changed its pose to a punching (?) pose!

Okay, randomness there again. I was just playing around (with permission to touch of course) while continuing to mess around with my new camera.

Until the next post~

Thursday, May 13, 2010

August Will Be a Hard Month

I just came back home, tired from all the (real life) stuff happening lately (no, nothing serious, just lotsa schoolwork), opened Ngee Khiong's blog as per usual and saw the best thing I've seen in my life. I don't know if Bandai has magical people in their research department or what but they have outed lots of stuff that I really do want.

Before I continue on with this post, I'd like to say that I already bought some stuff from the recent Momotoys stock that day earlier this week. Haven't bought the one with the dual shiny swords yet but I may or may not get it in the end. Well, we'll see how it goes. Its not like I have to get it but my ABF will feel ronery later. XP

I sadly have no time to build them for now as exams are nearing rapidly and my deadlines for assignments are within 2 weeks. So, for anyone who frequents my blog, I'm sorry to say I'll not be posting much or anything for a while. However, if I do find any free time, I may as well post some stuff up, even though it might not be the usual long posts.

Okay, enough about me, let's talk about what has Bandai done now.

EDIT (14/05/10): Added some additional comments especially for Gundam Harute.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SD Unicorn Gundam Review + Moar Gundam 00 Parody

Price: 1000 Yen
Finally! The promised post is done! Took me a good while to type it to though since I think overdid it a bit. ^^;

However, the review contains the review on the kit itself plus a parody of the LAST episode of Gundam 00. Be warned that you may be spoiled if you haven't finish watching the series if you read the comic strip. Sorry that the comic strips aren't going to be done chronologically but I'm doing it based on my inspirations. XP


Friday, May 7, 2010

Momotoys New Stock (05/05/10)

A bit late for me to say but Momotoys had a huge truck load of boxes (19 packages) that came in this Wednesday. I wasn't around so I couldn't take any photos of when it came by. However, a person who works there is kind enough to share with us what the contents are. He will continue to do so for future stocks. You can see his post here.

For those who wants to follow what stocks that comes into Momotoys can see his blog or follow the original thread at the Lowyat forums. Well, I might still say when its updated when I can. XP

I haven't bought anything yet but you guys would know what I'll be getting soon-ish. ^^;
A bit hard to get all the wants so I'll probably get 2 to 3 items max. I must truly consider what I really want to buy. I can burn my wallet to heck but I want to save up for other stuff currently. So yeah. XP

Until the next post~ A bit tired tonight so I'll delay that post I promise to tomorrow or at least sometime this weekend.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Filler Post - Capture My (Current) Collection!

Since I got me that new camera - Cannon IXUS 105 - I decided to take some shots (capture) my current collection in the cupboard. I am really impressed by this camera at how even Auto Mode meets my necessities without fail. However, I still prefer to use Program Mode (manual mode) so that I have better control over my shots. I still leave the ISO and WB on auto though since I don't want to spend too much time adjusting those for every snap.

Thanks to the image stabilizer, my shots are much more stable than ever. I barely need to delete much or any shots as most of them came out nicely. Really a good thing as I don't need to fuss much when taking any kind of shots now. My family photos and real life photos are coming in much better and my ninja photo taking skill seems to increase further thanks to the faster photo taking speed this new camera has. >D

Okay, enough babbling, here are some shots I took late at night with the new camera. Some uses the flash of the camera but I notice the flash works pretty well, in most cases at least.

FYI, I'm putting up this random post since the SD Unicorn review is much longer than I had anticipated. Especially with the comic strip I had in mind. I'll probably do it by Friday night and you should expect that to be up at my Wordpress blog since I feel like I DO need the pages function.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally, New Camera Get! Some Early Test Shots At the End

Today was the last day of the PC Fair over here and I managed to go there this afternoon to get a few required equipment for school, life and you get what I mean. No, I did not buy a pen drive since I already got a 16GB one two years back cheaper than the price you see today. XD

At any rate, the major point of my going to the PC Fair this time was to purchase a new camera and a new printer since I need them dearly. My now previous camera was a bit jumpy already and saw the need of a change. As for a new printer, I need one since the previous one is a pain in the arse to find the effin' ink. Shouldn't have bought Lexmark even though it wasn't really my call at that time.

EDIT: Fixed the photos a bit, especially for Unicorn, Unicorn Mode.

What did I get at the PC Fair this time? Well;


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