Friday, January 30, 2009

No Updates For a While; What I'm Doing

For those who care and had a chance to notice, I haven't updated for more than a week. It goes against my primary idea of semi-reviving this blog for the course of my long break, but real life calls(as well as obsessions).

I'm currently partaking myself to finally take driving lessons, and as of now, soon to take my theory exam(wish me luck!). Other than that, I kinda obsessed with a rather popular game that I have been neglecting for a while until I suddenly just wanted to play it. For some odd reason, I wanted to play The Sims 2(I played for over a week, well, last week until now, just less currently.). More over, The Sims 3 is said to come out on 20th February this year! Oh wow! Ah, yeah, this sudden obsession was just totally random, I mean, seriously. But I mostly play it for the building aspect, as I like building things. XP

About The Sims 3, you all can get some info about from this site here. Then again, The Sims 3 isn't that all new of a news and comes as common knowledge to those who pays attention to current games. =P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Intel Quad Cores Price Drops; Effective Today!

So, while in boredom, I decided to check out some Lowyat(PC outlet in KL) pricelists and saw some interesting stuff. Prices of most Intel Quad Cores has dropped significantly!
(Actually I forgot today was the price drop day. =P)

Those who needs a decent Intel Quad Core computer can invest in one now(as long as you live near KL as I'm not sure if Kuching follows suit with the official price drop)!
Q9400 for teh masses(roughly costs RM789-805 currently as I post this)!
Or maybe a Q8200 will be more affordable... >.>

For better information, see this link here.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets"

See it at this link here.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you should go to the link given for a little bit of insight about the OS you are currently running(or think of trying out). =D

BTW, added a few links in the "Frequently Visited" section. Check them out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows 7 Beta

By now, who wouldn't have heard or read about the upcoming Windows 7 from Microsoft? That is unless you have been living under a rock or far away from IT related news, so I don't blame you(or busy with real life).

Earlier today, while visiting Engadget, I stumble upon an interesting article. It looks like Microsoft decided to take off the 2.5 million downloads for the Windows 7 Beta up until January 24th. At the same time, I realized, it was open to everyone to download at that point.

Then again, I thought, "It will expire on the 1st of August 2009...". "...ah, screw it, let's just try it out.".
And then, I just create a 30GB primary NFTS partition on my older computer(with a partition manager) and install the ISO of the Windows 7 Beta(after a 1 day download wait... my Internet is not so fast...). You can get it too, just scroll down to one of the comments in the Engadget article I pasted earlier and you can download it(don't forget to write down the keys as they are needed or else you'll will end up with a 30 day Windows 7).

Okay, now to the main point of this blog post.
Once I have burned the ISO image onto a DVD-R disc at X4 speed(don't burn it too fast or else it won't work), I pop the disc into the following computer;

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What did I do for December until now(January 2009)?

Again, no updates for a long while. This is due to various circumstances, especially due to restrictions of time and good things to post. With that to say, I only post up things that feels worthwhile to post. =P

Okay, so during the first week of December, there was a small PC Fair at Wisma Saberkas. I decided it was a good time to search for... a new graphics card. And then, I saw it, the only ATI Radeon HD4670 unit available at one shop, the Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4670 512MB GDDR3. According to various benchmarks I've seen, it is much faster than the nVdia GeForce 9500GT and very close to the nVdia GeForce 9600GSO. Overall, it's performance rivals the previous mainstream HD3850 by the least.

This is the result from 3D Mark Vantage Perfromance preset. Overall, seems to be somwhat at least 2 times faster than my previous card(nVdia GeForce 8600GS).

I'm not going to say much about it, since there are many reviews on this card elsewhere(just search for it using Google).

Okay, now on to the next subject...
Recently, I got addicted to Gundam. Through out December(when I'm at home and not going elsewhere), I watched Gundam 00(pronounced as Double O) up to the latest episode and the whole of Gundam Seed Destiny(although disappointing this one was). If you haven't watch Gundam 00, go watch it now! =P

Due to me liking Gundam 00 a bit too much, I even bought some Gundam 00 Gunpla(short form of Gundam Palstic Models) models when I went to Kuala Lumpur(KL) in the middle of December. I bought a total of 9 Gundams! All from the Gundam 00 series.

Man, that's a lot of Gundams and it was troublesome to bring home as I wanted the boxes to stay in good condition.

I'm not going to go into much detail yet, but I'll list out what I bought.
FG Gundam Exia x1
FG Gundam Dynames x1
FG Gundam Kyrios x1
FG Gundam Virtue x1
HG AEU Enact Custom Ali al-Sarchez x1
HG Gundam Nadleeh x1
HG Gundam Throne Zwei x1
HG Gundam Throne Drei x1
NG Gundam Exia(1/100 scale) x1

FG means First Grade, it's the most basic and easiest to build. Though, the details are lower that other grades and you'll need to paint it to make it look like the picture on the box. All are 1/144 scale.

HG means High Grade. Seemingly, this is the more popular grade to buy and most of them comes in 1/144 scale with great details(barely need to paint).

NG means no grade. It mostly comes in 1/100 scale(I ever saw a 1/60 scale NG Gundam Exia =P). However, it feels a bit more fragile than HG for me though but much better than FG.

Why did I buy so much? Especially when it was only a 1 week trip? Why? Because there was a 20% discount to all Gundam Gunpla models nearly everywhere I went. At that point, it felt worthwhile to buy at least some... but ended up with 9 Gundams, all from Gundam 00(since I like their designs more).

Sadly, I was unable to find me a HG Gundam Exia(finished stock I guess D=) and 00 Gundam(not yet available at that time I guess). I couldn't even find it in Kuching so far(except Exia, but feels a bit expensive here >>). I wonder where is a good place to get these stuff. I also want to buy the markers for lining and maybe some paint for it too. =P

Anyways, that's all for now. Stay tuned, if there even anyone that even looks at this blog, for a small review on the Gundams I bought. =D


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