Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maple Story, once again...

After roughly 2-3 years, I returned once again to Maple Story or Maple SEA(MS for short) since I'm playing the southeast Asia one. I have to say, nothing much changed. I wished I got to keep my first account all those years back, it got country locked and I couldn't log in into it at all. I came back a year or two later, making a new account which I'm using right now. It somehow did not get deleted even though I did not use it for months, well I did sometimes, when my sis wanted to give MS a get-go.

Today, I decided to play it again as I currently have some expandable free time. So far I'm level 13 at this moment. Yes, it sucks but at least it(the game character) has a nice strength stat. =P

Besides MS, I'm gonna show you a nice(to me) pic of my current desktop. Hehe. =D
Lookie there, it's a sketch I drew during recess today which I just lazily contrasted to a blue hue and sized to a small size to be enlarged into my current desktop wallpaper. Winamp is currently playing the Kingdom Hearts II game start screen "Dearly Beloved". Lol, I tell you, it makes me feel like making a game for this... I wish I could, lol. If ya cannot tell, the pic is based on Kingdom Hearts.

Oh yeah... if you claim this sketch/desktop to be yours, I'll hunt you down and take you down! >_O

That's all the randomness for today... my "g" button on the keypad doesn' t work so well. Bleh.



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