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00 Gundam Review

I actually intended to do this earlier, but due to extreme internet slowdowns and constant disconnections(stares at Streamyx), I was not able to. Good to say that the Internet connection is quite fine now.

Now, February is nearing its end and the SPM results are coming in closer. How one should feel for this? I don't really feel anything for it though(until it is right in front of my face). ^^;

Anyways, on with the Gunpla!

Like I said in an earlier post, I bought the 1/100 NG 00 Gundam. However, I also bought the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam due to reading that it has better articulation(plus a waist joint). This creates a difference between the two, even if they are moulded based on the same Gundam.

First, let me talk about the 1/100 NG version.
After I built it, I was surprised and astounded by the firmness of the model. It was not like the Exia I got previously. The legs are firm and not too lose or too stiff. Its easily posable(the legs). Quite a few poses were capable with this Gundam that probably difficult to find on previous 1/100 NGs from Bandai. However, due to the lack of a waist joint, it totally limits the upper body poses(I will show you some pics of this issue later). Okay, no need to type 1000 words, low res pictures taken with a camera phone should help better the feeling of this Gunpla.

Edit/Note: I forgot to put a piece of the leg armor. It should be obvious to those who watch or do Gunpla also. ^^; I already put it on FYI.

Here is 00 Gundam with its full armnaments. I have to note that the twin drives(the cone shape parts at both shoulders) can easily drop down. I wish they make the connecting part a bit longer like the HG model.

Just a side view. The thing on the right is a part of 00's shield.

The legs bend very well, much better than previous NGs from previous series with legs that cannot bend that far(from some pics I've seen, might be wrong on this comment).

The shields can be used as deadly weapons!

The GN Swords II(in 00's right hand) can be connected together to form a "lance"(I think its called this, kinda forgot). The shields can be combined into one and mounted on either side of the arms as a standard shield(it is probably the sharpest shield I've seen yet ^^).

Here's a pic that shows Exia alongside 00. See the similarities and differences. ^^;

I have to say something about the GN Sword II, its rifle mode is lose. You can put it in rifle mode, yes, but it will easily drop off. The feet does not have a "double-joint" in which the feet cannot bend like a real human feet. I guess they wanted to cut costs due to the details on the 00...

Next up, the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam. I really like it, probably more that the bigger version due to its better articulation and higher posibility of poses. Anyways, it is quite similar to the bigger one but slightly less detailed. Slightly, you can buy this and feel it is quite nice to build and pose around(it can do a "180 split", but I didn't take a pic for this due to dim lighting while I was playing around with it, might add it on later). Right, on with the piccies! Oh, BTW, I took some more pictures of this as compared to its bigger counterpart due to me having more free time with it(since I built it on a fine free afternoon unlike the nighter for the bigger version).

Front pose on top of box. The boxart is pretty nice, no? Oh, FYI, I used marker to color the yellow part of the V-fin instead of the given stickers(which looks lame).

Side view.

Rear view.

You should always try to pose em' like in the boxart... though I think it would have been nicer if I bought an action base... ^^;

Twin Buster Ri-- Oh sorry, wrong series. This is the GN Sword II in rifle mode. I have to say, it is slightly more sturdier than than the bigger version, though it can easily fall off too.

More Twin B-- GN Sword II rifle mode.




If you got two swords, better use both! =P

Meditation is important. You can see how amazingly pose-able it is with just this one picture. =)

The 1/144 HG is amazing, and with its low price of below RM50, you should think of buying it(as long as you like the 00 Gundam). Sadly, it does not come with the shield, connector for lance mode or its clear saber parts. But, do not fret, it comes together with the HG 0 Raiser kit!

Finally, comparison between 1/144 HG and 1/100 NG. See the differences!

Front view.

Side view. Note the small grey/black part on the 1/100's hip. It is needed to mount the GN Swords II. The 1/144 did not have it because the swords are designed slightly differently.

Rear view. Note, the saber hilts at the "ass". The 1/100 can pull it to the side but for the 1/144 you have to pull it out and put it in the given slot to go into the same position. Notice the connectors at the backpack. I think its for the 0 Raiser, which is needed by the 00 to function properly(in the anime). Hopefully I can get the 0 Raiser for either one soon.

See? The 1/144 can do it too, and reach it in a rather cool pose(similar to the one shown in the manual).

Rear view of previous pose.

Both reaching out for their GN Sword II. The 1/100 cannot reach it due to the lack of a waist joint. >_>

1/144 HG.

1/100 NG.

I can't seem to pose the 1/100 like the 1/144, but I think it is possible... maybe.

Due to the lack of a waist joint, the 1/100 can sometimes look awkward in certain poses. Yeah, they can both pose similarly for this.

The GN Swords II, see the difference. Well, there is only one seeable difference...

See that knob on the 1/144? It is to enable the swords to hook onto the 00. Looks a bit weird though. >>;

Well, that's all the comparison pics I took that are obvious.

Now, some random pictures...(all 1/144 HG)
"I, 00 Vi Bri--"*is sued*

The power of 00's Twin Drive!*imagine a GN Field plox*

Seriously wish I had a stand. I was trying to make 00 look like he's dropping in. ^^;

Turn A: Give me a bi~ig hug! ^^
00: Gack! o.o
Note: I bought the MG Turn A Gundam at the same time as HG 00, forgot to mention it.

I also forgot to say thatI bought the Gundam 00 Second marker set which I used to "paint" the HG 00(just a few parts, see if you can identify them! =D). This picture was taken using a 7MP camera, beware of large size.

Rear view. I could not paint a few parts because the markers are stiff and a brush is needed to paint the small space parts(such as the thrusters on the backpack).

Well, that's all for now(long post is long post). Yeah, you can say I'm a dai-fan(big fan) of 00 Gundam. Hopefully it will come out in 1/60 or MG, or even PG soon(along with its 0 Raiser extension)!

In term of recommendation, I prefer the HG. If you want it to come with the 0 Raiser, I advice you all to buy the 00 Raiser combo kits(which was not available when I bought my 00s). The HG 00 Raiser set comes in a lighter color tone which looks rather nice. The 1/100 00 Raiser set comes with the Celestial Being Stand which I quite like.

Next time, I'll try to put a mini-review of the MG Gundams. ^.^


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