Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Morning, Then Tonight

Today has been a filled up day that involves lots of going out. I'll just give a brief insight of my day today, since my pictures are filled with noise and just looks horrible(taken w/ phone). XP

Well, today is a special day, especially to SMK Batu Lintang Students that scored impressive results in their PMR, SPM and STPM 2008. Well, maybe the word 'impressive' may be too strong here, since I'm one of them. XD Let's go with 'good' then. ^^ It was held at the MBKS Auditorium and I and my mother arrive there by 8.30AM(right on the dot!).

Okay, so the whole thing started at about 9.15AM when the Pengetua, YDP(PIBG) then the Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya respectively made their speeches which were full of 'lol'. I mean serious, they were like old buddies that says funny(but true) stuff on the stage, especially when it is mostly directed at the Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya. XP

After that, at about 10AM, we had our prize giving. Around 101 lucky students came, inclusive of myself. ^^ A certain someone, a person from a certain class, a certain person that owns a Perodua Viva is going to US of A soon, which is second half of next month. >_>

Before and after the prize giving, there was a choir performance. Pretty good stuff. ^^ IIRC, the Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya said something funny when the girls of the choir club went to get their prize. XD

The prize? Well, we get a certificate, RM50 and one set lunch of chicken rice plus one bottle of 500ml mineral water. I was hoping for more money, but ah well, this will do fine I guess, for some extra cash to buy... ^^

At evening just now, the Swinburne Anime & Manga Society(SAMS) had a Welcoming Party. I came at about 5.45PM and it only started at 6.30PM, since we're all M'sians, right?

I gave a hand, a rather big hand I guess during the duration of the party. But I think it wasn't much. Ah, volunteer work from a renegade who goes around, a lot. It was as if I was part of the committee already. <.<

The party held at Mitsu Shabu Shabu and was full of talks of otakuness and stuff like that. Someone even brought his Sinanju! Well, I get to know better the committee members and a few other people of our nice lil' club. However, i did not really like the food since it wasn't really within my tastes, steamboat. Yes, blame it on me not liking vegetables very much(though I can eat, with the risk of vomiting it out as a rejection from my stomach). XD Though, I managed to eat quite a bit, just didn't finish is up very well. Moreover, the food for the steamboat was pretty fixed. If you wanted more or other stuff, you'll have to pay extra.

There was a lucky draw, but I didn't win anything. The prizes were... Oreo, Oreo, figure keychain, figure keychain then... OREO! Yes, three Oreos for THREE LUCKY GUYS. XD

At any rate, it was fun with some 'lol' moments in-between. Yeah, hope to have another big outing with lots of people. Social activities are just that much interesting. ^^

I went back at 8.50PM and then went to H&L for grocery shopping before coming back home here.

Well, that's it. =)
FYI, I'm currently finishing up the Astray Green Frame, I want to add a nice little extra to it. ^^ Though I daresay I might not panel line the main body for now. =X



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