Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HG 1/144 Zeydra Review - Part 2

This is a (late) continuation of this post.

Read on for the rest of the review!

Note: The Zeydra's red is rather orange rather than actual red. I adjusted my white balance from time to time (unless I forgot since the phone's camera resets it back to auto every time I exit the application) so that the Zeydra comes out as red as possible. ^^;

Section 1: Static Shots
Zeydra is one tall mobile suit as you can easily tell from the shot above. Did not have the AGE-2 yet at the time of the photoshoot FYI. 

The shots above were taken on the next day after I've completed the model kit. I was in another room of the house and the sun was shining just brilliantly so these shots came to fruition. Maybe a little too bright.

More of a standard shooting here with the white balance set in a way it makes the Zeydra quite red. Maybe I should buy another Zeydra in the future and paint it crimson red. Mm-hm~

Just by standing, the Zeydra looks awesome (IMHO), especially from the rear thanks to the non-standard thruster design. Hm, thinking about a crimson red body with gold thrusters now... The clear green parts gleam nicely as well, a good job on Bandai's continuous effort since Gundam 00.


Section 2: Articulation & Gimmicks
Shoulder and wing binder range of movement.

The chin-guard doesn't obstruct head movement thanks to the long neck connection.

Standard ball joints for the hip section makes the lower half of the Zeydra, not that articulate when the upper half does it well enough.

Even with the thrusters protruding from the lower leg, it doesn't hinder its ability to bend the legs fully. Good design mechanics I say.

Section 3: Action!
Beam Vulcan!

Zeydra Hyper Kick!

Beam Saber! All you need is a small round tab beam saber to do this. Mostly HGUC kits will provide such and I borrowed the beam parts above from HGUC Banshee Unicorn Mode.

VS Titus.

PS: Zeydra Sword was shown near the end of Part 1 already. ^^;

Section 4: Conclusion
  • Tall.
  • Good color separation except the red is more orange than it should be (pinkish-red). 
  • Great price @ 1300 Yen.
  • Ball joint hips.
  • No beam parts.
Overall a good model kit to get for the price. Would've been nicer is Bandai bundled it with a set of beams since the Zeydra Sword isn't that much of a looker to me. XP
During the course of the photoshoot, I kinda feel that the Zeydra looks awkward when doing a dynamic pose from some angles. I wonder why though. Maybe it is because of its top-heavy design? Hm... Ah well, still looks nice overall.

Next up, Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet~


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