Saturday, May 26, 2007

Term Exam is... OVER!

Yay! To make things even better is the fact that it is the school holidays now! =)

It was a tiresome one and a half week of test and the old last minute study habit made things go ow. Cramping facts and techniques within a night's work is not easy, especially in high school, not to mention the least favorable subjects(and no I heart Maths).

Anyways, Now it's the school holidays, time for me to enjoy some gaming fun! ^^ Namely, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and some others. So wish NDS emulators work with most of the games I wanna play, sigh. Well, in a few more years I guess. =(

I know that not many people read this blog, maybe none at all at the moment, but... umm... I got nothing to say. =P

At any rate, I wish a happy school holiday(yes some other countries are experiencing summer!) and a happy Gawai!



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