Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's Up?

In regards to the local Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament last Sunday, I lost - big time. Having to fight your closest friends (as per the tournament), I was overwhelmed. ^^;

Ah well, at least I can go back with two boosters still plus one King of Knights Alfred (which I bought before the tournament began but it didn't get utilized). Lohengrin, at the middle, was given to me by my friend who happen to "goreng" everyone there and won first place (while being my first opponent). Ironically, I did say he would win if he entered. =P

At any rate, it was an interesting experience I say. Some bitter aftertaste of defeat since I didn't do much for the tournament itself asides from taking photos and playing for fun after losing (then I suddenly happen to be able to win multiple times against others...). Uh, more irony? I'm not that sure about that but I never been to such competitions though. ^^;;;

Otherwise, expect this soon.

As for the fishing episode with Unicorn and Sinanju, I'm still wondering how should I go about that. Somehow thinking of something madly colorful and possibly running like a silent comic (which will open a window to bigger laughs)? Hmmm...
Note: I blame Futurama's latest episode about that last idea flash. =P



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