Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tasks in Hand

Although the semester break is now over, I really didn't put up much content on the blog for a good while already. I seriously didn't expect a number of events to occur in my (real) life - bit I guess interesting turn arounds can happen. That made me spend more time outdoors with a couple of close friends.

Being able to drive also helps greatly and I recently realized that I do not want to part with my Proton Saga. Somewhat given to me by my father, I truly have a car that I can drive. It, however, needs an overhaul and some misc repair here and there (like for the power windows). Thinking back, it happened to be the first car I came to like, actually the special limited editiob Proton Knight, but it is a special thing to me nonetheless.

Last week my sister got a new phone (pictured above). Since we couldn't afford another mid-tier phone, I picked the Sony Ericsson W8 for her as she mainly uses her phone for music. At default it was very laggy but I fortunately jumped the gate and went ahead to do some research then actually hacked it. A few hiccups along the way but the final result (pictured above) made the efforts worthwhile. GingerDX is a pretty good ROM to use - its fast.

Now I even have concept design work for a few events coming up this year...

That's all for now - pretty much filler ramblings though. =P

PS: Gundam AGE season 2 is shaping up to be a much better show than season 1.

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chubbybots said...

Ah sweet of you to do that for your sister ^^ Being able to drive is liberating...no more waiting for buses haha.

CD said...

*uber late reply*
That's what I do at home. XD
Technical stuff, mostly related to computing will be under me. ^^


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