Monday, March 12, 2012

Serious Backlogs But Here's a Consolation

This photo covers several aspects of what I wanted to do on the blog, what I actually did in real life and what's left half-completed if you interpret it properly. Properly as in you have been following this blog to that point. XP

Well, what do you see? If you see something interesting, what do you think is actually happening and how did it actually come to that?

Clue #1:
Clue #2: See tags.
And I just noticed I pass the 100, 000 "unique" visits according to the counter below. Yay! Still sad that I can't give my all to this blog for a while already, even during my semester break - as I ended going out more than usual with much thanks to Cardfight!! Vanguard.

And thus my collection grew but I guess I should focus more on the integrity of my main deck. =/

My current Royal Paladin deck. Most expensive cards are the two Alfreds (King of Knights Alfred and Alfred - Early). The main combo focuses on Garmall though but it seems that Alfred works better for me - even though the deck isn't focused on him. Ironic.

Okay, I'll leave it at that since I got a few papers to hit this week...


Tom said...

Cardfight Vangard looks very interesting to play. But I'm sorta staying away after stopping with yugioh

Anonymous said...

Tom, I feel the same way after being an expert player I quit and now my awesome deck is in my room waiting for it's demise. =(


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