Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HG Gundam AGE-1 Spallow Review

Price: 1200 Yen

This was a rather unexpected purchase for me since this kit was unattractive to me due to the lack of gimmicks/parts especially when compared to the other Gundam AGE HG model kits of the same price. I can argue that Sunrise did well presenting the Gundam in the anime though, since I was totally impressed how a single blade (plus some small needle-like hidden shots) can do so much damage while taking in huge numbers. As cheesy and flat it may feel to some, the "raep" Spallow did on-screen was something that caught my interest. Furthermore it was a bit more expensive than normal locally but recent changes in tax laws caused that so I couldn't complain much.

Pilot: Flit Asuno
Height: 18.7m
Weight: 33.4t
Armaments: Shiguru Blade (1), Knee Needle Gun (2)
Doesn't have many weapons on board and it is pretty much limited to short-mid range combat. It focuses on speed and agility to "raep" its opponents. I wonder how Flit handled those Gs.

Spallow is the last on-screen Wear for the Gundam AGE-1 piloted by the young Flit Asuno in the first season of Gundam AGE. Because the Titus was slow and long range weaponry (DODS Rifle) was not as effective as before, the AGE System crafted this Wear. Adding on to Flit's growing X-Rounder abilities, he takes upon himself the duty of being a Savior but unfortunately...

Read on!

Section 1: Box
Ironically, the Shiguru Blade is shown to be translucent in the artwork but the real piece is a nice solid white piece. How cheap can you get Bandai? Its just one simple clear part. ;_;

Note: That's why I liked the HG Titus more, it was more worth it thanks to the full set of beams.

Section 2: Box Open!

As much as 1200 Yen may seem reasonable to some of you, Spallow pales in comparison to closely priced model kits within the same series. Then again, I believe the over-the-top presentation in the anime proved its worth to certain people, like me. But I still would like that clear piece Shiguru Blade though...

Section 3: Runners
Spallow's runners aren't many, standard actually. It does provide enough level of detail just like for Normal but doesn't feel as "complete" to me. Must be the blade.

Dat huge pieces of stickers for the blade...

Section 4: Building Process
Section 4.1: Torso

If you've read the previous reviews I did on AGE-1, there isn't anything new here. Move along.

Section 4.2: Head

Same as before but I'd like to stop for a bit to admire how detailed the heads are in the HG Gundam AGE line can be.

Section 4.3: Arms
Bandai, where's my usual left open palm? I want two pairs at this rate. ;_;

The "vents" can be opened. They don't have a lock mechanism and seems like they are gonna be loose after a short while...

Double jointed elbows.

Section 4.4: Legs

Legs are awesome but the feet aren't. AGE-1 doesn't have very articulated feet for some odd reason. AGE-2 and AGE-3 has interestingly enough (00 Gundam goodness there).

Section 4.5: Waist

You know, why doesn't the Spallow equip itself with beam sabers? Does the AGE System even consider the off-chance that the user would lose the single Shiguru Blade? = |

Section 4.6: Shiguru Blade

Nice piece of white there Bandai. I did a simple paint job and dab some Sangokuden Metallic Green, albeit almost finish though so I improvised the finishing a bit - which will be obvious in the action shots.

Section EX1: Early Poses

Inb4 I realized the blade was held in the wrong position. D=

"He's coming for you Desil. You made him mad."

Section 5: Comparisons
Spallow is the tallest although the posing may make that more bias then it should be. =P
17.6m, 18.0m, 18.7m respectively.

Section 6: Static Shots

Spallow looks good from the back.
(More close-ups in the following photos, kinda made it more sparse now.)

Section 7: Articulation & Gimmicks

Overall movement range is great. Only weak point is the feet (IMHO).

Neck/waist articulation. You've seen this twice already.

Section 8: Action!

Imagine it standing upside down on an asteroid slowly drifting your way in the darkness of space.

The blade moves fast, ripping through any Vagan mobile suit like slicing butter.

If you think the blade was the only weapon, watch out for the knee. It stings.

A kick with needle shots isn't what you want to see in your face. Nuh-uh.

Spallow, like the Normal, has no problem kneeling.



"Spallow KICK!"

Section EX2: Gundam AGE-2 Spallow
Maybe I've should've just used the AGE-1S's waist as well. Looks kinda awkward like this.

Section 9: Conclusion
  • Great articulation, except for the feet.
  • Mostly color accurate. I'm very unsatisfied with the Shiguru Blade. Yep.
  • Decent price @ 1200 Yen.
  • Shiguru Blade. Y u not clear blue?! ;_;
Overall it is a decent model kit. It may not win many buyers decision (initially) to buy it but it does represent the Gundam well... except for the Shiguru Blade... I really have half a mind to scratch build a clear piece if I manage to get a clear pla-plate, someday.

Now I'll have to see if I can get a Zedas (to be raeped) in the near future... Plus a Farsia because Flit X Yurin. ;_;

Until the next post~


lightning ace said...

perhaps you mean clear green? hehe XD

Cass said...

Its more to a blue piece actually but a straight-out clear piece would at least suffice. XP

agitornador said...

Well, Gundam Wiki states the reason Spallow lacks any beam weapons is to reduce its chances of being discovered IIRC

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