Friday, June 1, 2012

It Is Now June

Time is sure passing by fast and blogs are getting more and more neglected as time goes by. At any rate, Kyan!me 2012 is coming up, 8-10 June at The Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching. I can't say it is something fantastic but if possible, try to show your support by coming. I'll be around somewhere there if anyone wants to look for me. =P

Photo above shows what should have been up in this blog, along with other posts, that I wish to do but lack the mood to have the time to spend half an afternoon/evening on a blog post lately. I lost the right side of the Zeydra's antenna somehow just now and basically put me off from a supposed photoshoot session. >.< I do hope to be able to find the missing piece...

Oh why must I accidentally lose it? ;_;

On a happier note, Selamat Ari Gawai!

 On another happier note, I scratch built a new simple one. :'D

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Lightning ace said...

your scratch build looks nice, it's almost identical to the original one!

Cass said...

Thanks. Luckily I didn't throw away the runner, used the leftover plastic from it. ^^


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