Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dragon Momoko HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Razor (Preview)

Technically don't have the time to do a full on review like last time anymore but for this inactive blog, let me interject with some small content from time to time.

The Razor model kit was initially a limited and 2-color hobby magazine set that required a HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal to be put together, not adding on the amount of extra detailing required. Normally to get that would cost us RM100+ over here. Initially I wanted to get that for myself but unfortunately budget be unwilling. Fortunately for me, a up and running bootleg brand brought itself up by making a complete and affordable HG kit for it.

The Razor is a featured mobile suit in the Gundam AGE side story featuring the young adult Flit and his emerging love story with Emily. Don't remembr any specifics other than that.

This model kit came up great for me. It costs less than RM30, making it around a quarter of what you would be paying to build one normally. As a bonus, they made all the blades translucent green - which was a superb touch on their part. They just look great on the model kit IMHO.

To be frank, there's not much extra work required for this bootleg. Sure it isn't completely "perfect" but it won't leave you screaming in frustration, I hope, as all quirks are easily remedied with some minor cutting/sanding. The manual isn't so clear it seems as they went out of their way to redo the whole thing. Its slightly different from the original but still understandable.

Overall it is a good bootleg kit that gives a 2nd chance to those who wanted the side-story Razor but unable to fork out the extra cash (or effort) the original needs.

I wonder if we are going to get a bigger scale of this? The bootleg world is not like before, they sometimes go out of their way to give you extra value which Bandai would either limit or require extra orders normally.

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