Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero Start Set

Price: 1200 Yen

Got this book yesterday. Overseas acquiring of books just ain't wallet-friendly this time especially without a Kinokuniya in your local area. Nonetheless, I pre-ordered 1 since some of the cards that comes along with it interests me.

The book features the over-marketed first chapter of the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga and anime as well as how to play the card game. I wasn't expecting a reprint of the first chapter, again, actually since this is part of the majn product this time. I was hoping to see more of Kai Toshikj's past as this product was marketed with his first deck, supposedly not surprising - Royal Paladin.

The story of his past is short, but basically he meets with a kid from his class at the park and was asked to play Vanguard with him, with Miwa as the middleman of everything. At first Kai couldn't form an "image" while playing, getting totally frustrated at playing and rushed back home. While at home, he formed a deck and finally grasp an "image". He meets the classmate again and have a Vanguard Fight with him. The fight was not shown completely except highlighting the rarity of Blaster Blade and 1 shot of Blaster Blade Burst - Kai's ace at the time. Kai obviously won and everyone was happy. I wish there was more story to be shown but at well.

Other than the introdution manga, we get to own Kai Toshiki's first deck. Nothing much to say about a PR-limited deck asides it may disappoint some to be pretty much an "expensive trial deck" of sorts.

I won't say it was a waste though, these PR-limited cards are quite worth it. Some are reprints (2nd row) but they weren't easy/cheap to get before. The price of each card can go to the tens++ but I'll obviously be keeping them.

Grade 3 - Blaster Blade Burst - 10000 Power - No Shield
Cont (V) - This unit cannot be boost.
Act (V) - [Counterblast 2 Royal Paladin] You may pay the cost and until the end of that turn, this unit gains the total base power of all your front row rearguards.
Auto (V) - When this unit attack (V), this unit +3000 power until the end of that battle.

I don't think many would be so interested so I'll only highlight the main unit's effect as shown above. For more info, do check out

That's all for now~

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