Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gao Gao MG 1/100 Destiny (Preview)

Price: RM50++ (Area Dependent)

Got this a while ago and built it slowly. I haven't even put the clear stickers and/or decals on it even. (Well, I haven't even put em' on Deathscythe Hell Custom either...) I have to admit, the quality and ease of build of bootlegs has been on the rise lately and Gao Gao is not excluded. I won't say it is a breeze to build these, but the frustrations of parts not fitting well are almost nonexistent lately. Loose or tighter than usual parts do still occur but more on tighter so it may or may not be beneficial in the end. You will still need a bit of sanding at times. I only needed it at the launcher's moving scope for this one. I even dared to play with the linked joint movement of the scope/handle of the launcher and it seems quite capable here. Hope it stays that way at any rate.

Quite accurate to the original I believe with minor loss to detail. Just noticed that the red piece by the neck was loose in some shots. It does easily get knocked out when I think about it.

Haven't fully tested out the limits of holding the weapons, specifically the Arondight, but it looks promising thus far. =)

A great kit overall which I feel, after building it just now, would be more satisfying with its wings of light. If possible, I highly suggest those who wants to get a MG Destiny, whether original or bootleg, to get the Extreme Blast Mode version. Slightly more expensive but I feel it would be greatly satisfying for Destiny fans.

Yes, there is a RG Destiny coming out soon. Since the wings of light are a limied part, I don't particularly have the desire to get it. It looks slightly short too, in more ways than one, which is rather disappointing to me.

Until the next post~
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Anonymous said...

i want to buy rhis 1, but still cant find the seller who sell GG MG destiny with a cheap price. some of them are selling this model the same price as destiny EBM, and of course the EBM are expensive than the normal version

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