Friday, June 5, 2009

1000 Hits!

After "reviving" this blog for about 3 months, it looks like the counter has finally hit the 1000 visitors mark! Yay~

Actually I have been back since Tuesday night, but have nothing good to blog about. My visit to Miri was basically empty with being sick and all. All I did was go to the local mall which is not like any malls in the Peninsular region, an unfinished KL-like mall and my uncle's house besides just my aunt's house. Being sick took away my opportunities to do much that requires some extra physical energy and probably mental plus it was hot as **** in Miri. There was no rain at all during the duration of my stay. =/

I did manage to find a nice shop selling some bootleg Gunpla though. Seeing them cheap and some hard to find models, I bought some, even if they are not original. To be frank, they are not really "pirated" per say, but according to what I have read, it seems they bought a license to be able to produce some models from Bandai. Minus the fact they cannot produce them greater than 90% the same. The models, especially from TT Hongli are top notch for their price and origin location. The prices are really not so bad, some may fall way below 50% of the original.

Building such models may take extra patience though as some fittings are a bit more tighter and stickers not being cut properly, but if you are up to it, the final product can still amaze you. ^^
I will be putting up some reviews about them soon-ish, with a recommendation to get them only if you cannot get the original or maybe you want to do a cheap/trial kit-bash/modding/paint job. Great for when you want to try some new modeling skills, persumably. =D

Tomorrow, my class/group will go to the hot spring near 10th Mile for a class outing for our class magazine we have to do for one of our subjects. How will it be? Fun? Exciting? Enjoyable? Article-able? Amazing? Spectacular? Georgelicious? I will see tomorrow, though I think I may end up just benching myself since I am not good with water and heat. >_>

I guess that's all the ramblings I will give for now. Real life is sure busy lately. XP



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