Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of any updates this week thus far. Many problems and responsibilities plague me this week. D=

I had two assignments that needed attention so that I can finish them in time and worst of all is Streamyx is doing their rather routinely "upgrading" which totally makes me unable to use the Internet without having to restart my modem every 30 minutes or so just to visit any website, including this one. I tried to post a review just now but the pictures didn't upload very well as it seems like they didn't reach Google's server. =(

Hopefully I can post the reviews up soon as I have two ready to be shown. =)

Also, I managed to buy these two earlier this month;
Even if I was saving up for the MG Exia(though, it will come in August over here, so no biggie, I guess), an offer I could not refuse came to me when a Lowyat forum seller was selling his stuff at 0.03 rates! This means that the price in Yen is multiplied by 0.03 to be converted into our money, Ringgit. Seriously an offer I could not refuse. Unluckily, the Zeta 2.0 HD finished stock before I could get that one... D= Otherwise, the Strike IWSP that my sister wanted and the Gundam MkII Titans 2.0 HD were also in my to get list. =D
That also reminds that I almost bought the MkII at Sarawak Plaza for RM219.90 a while ago. ^^;;

At any rate, my final exams for this semester is coming up, so I will most probably not update anything on this blog starting from Monday next week until 3rd of July by the least. Wish me luck. =D


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