Sunday, October 4, 2009

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Review - Part 2

This review is a continuation of the first part here.

Sorry as this came off a bit late but I was pelted with two papers and Law was just hard. I guess that's what happens when you come across a margin(memory dependent) subject which happens to be a weakness of mine. With that said, I've never gotten an A for History...^^;

At any rate, lets finish up this review before I have to force myself to go on a hiatus as I want to do my two rather heavy assignments nicely and quickly without distractions. Yes, that means there won't be any big updates until next month except for smaller of note topics if any. D=

Okay, lets go on with this review! =D

Part 1: Reborns Gundam
Part 1.1: Height Comparisons
As I already stated in the first part, I was disappointed at the scale height inacuaracy. The Reborns simply is not as tall as it should be. I mean, its not that much taller than the Arios!

Part 1.2: Up, Left, Down, Right & Close Ups
The Reborns looks very nice in Gundam mode. It is quite rare for me to take close-up shots of my model kits unless they have a very nice design. ^^;

I like to note that I didn't paint the kit much as I was short on time and my gray was on the low side. Not being able to resupply the gray marker, I'll be keeping it for other kits, *cough*0 Gundam*cough*.

Part 1.3: Articulation
It uses a ball joint for the legs so it can't do the 00 splits. Nonetheless, its quite decent as it is.

Great arm and leg articulation! The reason why the arm is able to go that far is thanks to its transformation gimmick. It looks weird from the front though.

The arms can move in and out by the shoulder section like most 00 HGs.

Part 2: Reborns Cannon
Part 2.1: Transformation
Before you begin, take off the GN Buster Rifle and shield.
Pull out the arms by the gray connectors of the "armpits".

Push down the head.

Push back the arms into the body*, pull shoulders armor down and pull out hands.
*Note:Ooops, I finally understood the manual. I failed to do this step though. However, it made Reborns a bit more articulated at the shoulders. ^^;*

Swivel the white section of the arms.

Turn it 180 degrees by the yellow section.

Turn 180 degrees by the red/GN Drive section.

Turn to the backside of the kit. Insert the Canon mode hands/claws.

Self explanatory.

Pu down the beam sabers, turn the GN Fin Fangs and close the "chestplate" of the Reborns.

Put the GN Buster Rifle like so.

Part 2.2: Height Comparison
It is shorter than when in Gundam mode, especially due to its weird squatting pose...

Part 2.3: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Overall, I have to say Reborns Canon is weird looking, very weird looking mostly due to the way the legs bend and the back. However, it looks pretty decent from waist up and very functional for long range attacks. ^^

Part 2.4: Articulation
Lets see...
  • Arms can bend same as in Gundam mode.
  • Legs can't bend further. You can straighten them if you want. IT can move up and down by the ball joint, so there is some articulation at the bottom...
  • Head can barely turn.
Part 3: Action!
刹那: リボンズアルマーク!
Setsuna: Ribbons Almark!


*Oops, looks like the right arm was opened up a little bit during the photo-taking, my bad. ^^;*



いけ! フィンファング!
Go! Fangs!


You think I'll let you go?!

Note: Sorry for the lack of any shield usage in the poses... I forgot. ^^;

Part 4: Final Battle Clips
*Representation of the scenes and words are not exactly anime accurate but implies the same results.*

Ribbons: This is the Gundam that will lead humanity!


Ribbons: Tch!

Ribbons: I finally got it... the true solar furnace... now I...

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Great overall articulation which just falls short to 00.
  • Transformation gimmick.
  • 2-in-1 mobile suit.
  • Simply beautiful to look at. <--- Varies from person to person. XP
  • Not scale height accurate. Should be taller than Arche by another 1cm by the least.
  • Only one beam part for the beam saber which is also clear...
Overall, a truly must buy HG! I can even back that up as it ran out of stock faster than any of the other kits that arrived at the same time! I mean the HGUC Gundam FA 7th Unit is still available when I went to the shop yesterday!

Now, hopefully Bandai will make an MG of this really soon, like next year! Then again, it might not happen that soon unless we get a surprise PG Reborns? Ah, one could hope... not since I can't afford a PG anyways. ^^;

That's all for now and for the rest of the month unless my tight schedule this month brightens up... I have an exam next weekend, another exam the week after and two assignments due by the end of the month. Looks like I might not be able to blog much for the remainder of this month. D=


mangyver5223 said...

can u give a review on arios gundam i wanna 2 know how it transform

CD said...

You're planning to buy it?

Erm, well, Arios's transformation is really simple. There isn't any part swapping involved except for the realignment of 2 parts(which you need to take off and turn 180 degrees).

If you want a review on Arios, just see it at Dalong's site, though its Korean. Here's a direct link to the HG Arios review;

lockheart said...

may i ask where you get the sword\rifleIII in the pics....

lockheart said...

may i ask where you get the sword\rifleIII in the pics....

lockheart said...

ah.. sorry i doubled the comment i accidentally click it twice.....

CD said...

I borrowed it from my Trans-AM Raiser. >.>

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