Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Well, rather late of me to say that but I wish you all a great weekend fun!

If you read this post after today; how was your Halloween today? Did you do anything fun? Well, for me, all I did was visit Gaia Online to join in this year's rather interesting event. Interesting but can become really boring after a while. ^^;

Also, techPowerUp! recently put up a really nice review on the AMD Sempron 140, a budget single core CPU that costs USD39! It costs about RM140 in Lowyat IIRC, which is really cheap for a 2.7GHz single core that has the potential of being "unlocked" to a dual core! ^^

For the guy who asked me what brand of purple permanent marker I used, its "Jing Fei". Basically a real cheap practically unknown China product that cost me RM1. ^^;

The marker for anyone who wants to know HOW it looks like. Its really nothing fancy. Those living in Kuching can find this at 3rd Mile's Life Book Store(if they still have it). =)


chubbybots said...

Just laze around took photo of kits for halloween ^^

Happy halloween


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