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HG 1/144 0 Gundam ("00" Gundam) Review - Part 1

Price: 1200 Yen Each

~Life Rant~
Ah, how much relief I feel after 2 group assignments have been done and done with(though not as great as I would like...). Nevermind that, it tells me that I've yet to master leadership well enough yet and I have much more need to learn to be able to manage a team well or else you'll be running deadlines that can risk a heart attack. ^^;
~End Life Rant~

Well, I had some time in-between(due to me waiting for the rest of my teammates to finish up their needed sections at designated points of time), I actually spent 2 days building 2 0 Gundams simultaneously. Well, I actually wanted to finish it within one day but other family duties calls. ^^

Quick MS Bio
Prototype of all the Gundams in 00. It comes with very basic weaponry. Appears in the first episode, the last episode of season 1(very brief) and the few last episodes of season 2. When it appeared in the first episode before the young Setsuna(Exia/00 pilot), it created a bond between Ribbons and Setsuna... Setsuna with his "fetish" for Gundams and Ribbon's "God complex".

GN-000 - 0 Gundam
Pilot(s): Ribbons Almark, Lasse Aeon
Height: 18m (same as RX78-2)
Weight: 53.4t
Armaments: GN Beam Rifle, GN Beam Saber, GN Shield

Part 1a: 0 Gundam Type A.C.D. Box

Part 1b: 0 Gundam Box

Part 1c: Box Compare
I bought the 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.) much earlier but didn't have the time to actually build it until even when the 0 Gundam (Original Colors) came out. ^^;
Because of that, I was able to do something which can be considered as double build. 2 basically identical model kits at the same time? Crazy.

Part 2: Box Open!

Part 3: Runners
Notable differences are beam saber for A.C.D. and "wings of light" AKA PET parts for original colors.

The only difference here is the color.

Left: A.C.D., right: original colors.
Slight variation near the bottom. Bandai seems quite conservative this time around.

Left: A.C.D., right: original color.
Notable difference in GN Drive parts. The clavicles are here instead for the original colors for color accuracy.

Some sticker differences. Looks like A.C.D. is the main color mold as the stickers for the original colors are really redundant.

The PET parts seems to offer better value for money here. XD

Part 4: Double Building Process
Part 4.1: Torso
The clear half orb part is painted with an unshaken metallic green Gundam marker as usual. The only difference besides color is the GN Drive parts. They both have the "GN Tank" backpack but I didn't bother to cut that out. XP

Quite a bit of work done here. Sorry I forgot to put the beam saber handle(2 small parts).
I painted the front vents with red Gundam marker via toothpick trick. I intended to use my red marker, but it didn't fit in. ^^;
The GN Drives were painted quite a bit. I think I went overboard with the black "thrusters" on the A.C.D. GN Drive but it somehow looks rather decent. Both of the inner "thrusters" are painted with the green metallic marker, shaken thorough this time.
Weirdly, I felt that the original colors GN Drive to be a bit small as it is basically the same size as A.C.D.

Part 4.2: Head
There is a slight difference when painting the head. Hopefully you can see clearly through the photo as I don't know how to explain it. ^^;
I didn't paint or apply the yellow sticker for the V-Fin of the original colors as I felt it looked just as good in white.

Part 4.3: Beam Rifle(or Gun?) & Shield
No difference at all. Hrm, dual guns anyone? >)

Didn't paint the original colors shield rear but decided to paint the A.C.D. one only.

Part 4.4: Arms
The arms have a bit of an inner frame. Interesting. Seems like Bandai wants to reduce the visible seam lines as much as possible. Good, good. =)

If only all HGs can be as articulated as this... Most of the SEED HGs can shy in shame now(yes, I'm looking you VS Astrays rehashes).

Part 4.5: Legs
The feet requires quite a lot of gray on the white section, like half of its rear section.

After paint dry and panel lining. I didn't panel line or do anything to the soles though. Lazy.

There's an inner frame similar to MG Exia for the thighs! I was quite amazed with that. Normally you wouldn't expect such an assembly for a HG. Does this paint the future for a possible 1/144 scale MG-esque series?

The legs can do much more than what you can already see here...
FYI, due to the short amount of time left when building, I just used a black CD marker for the black parts. Fast and easy to control.

Part 4.6: Waist
Quite a lot of parts for the waist. I also didn't apply yellow paint for the original colors. dark gray looks fine also. ^^
There's also a slot at the "ass" for the stand which is best used to prevent obstruction to the legs.

Part 4.7: Beam Saber
Both of them come with the beam saber hilt. Unlike most hilts, this one can use flat and circular beam parts. A.C.D. comes with a flat beam part so that it can be paired up with the Exia R2.

Part 5: To Be Continued...
This is the true "00" Gundam!

Unlike before, I used my 0.1 tip drawing pen for some of the panel lines as a "try-out". Do you think the panel lines are okay?

Well that's all for now as the real review will be up a little later as I haven't really finish the photo shoot. Adding to that, I might also decide to review my MG Turn A as well as long as nothing comes up tomorrow.

To be honest, I shouldn't really be blogging since I'm quite tired from the double deadlines I had to face in this week alone. Sigh, at least the coffee worked well for when it was needed. ^^;

Continue to part 2 here!


mangyver5223 said...

can the GN feather put at A.C.D version?

CD said...

You can but you'll need to use the original colors GN Drive instead. You can also do this for other 00 kits(specifically the season 1 ones) as long as the original colors GN Drive can slot in somewhere.

Diego Pimentel said...

hey! you did a good job here ... an excellent HG this 0 Gundam! very good!


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