Monday, March 21, 2011

SAMS 2011 Test Forum!

I'm still not done with the Nobel part 2 photo-shoot. It's creeping very slowly and the already loose right hip joint paints an unhappy face on the review. Well, it was already loose since finished the build. How... unfortunate.

Anyways, that isn't what this post is about.

SAMS Test Forum

Due to the recent lag in Facebook, I decided to make a simple forum hosted at Proboards. In actual fact, SAMS attempted to make a forum in the past, hosted on the same server as this but it didn't get officially publicized, not yet anyways. As such, this is a forum test to see how participation may fare before increasing the load of the server. Else it may just go off in the way of the SSSC forum last year. The lag at Facebook is already gone by now, so the initial purpose is lost...

If you join the forums, you can see earlier RAW notices of events, even when they haven't been completely confirmed! You can also join in discussions as well as make suggestions to events as well. Personally, I'll be able to easily see it since the posts are not drowned by other things like when they are posted on Facebook. Nonetheless, news post will be cross-posted for better spread of information.

Thus, join us in the forums!

Note: Please register NEW accounts instead of login in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, WLM, Yahoo!, MySpace or AOL accounts since it can be quite risky to share accounts throughout various sites.

Copy and paste my post from SAMS' blog.

I'm willing to open the forum to all people who are interested to form a community and share a common interest with one another. Remember your manners! (Even if an argument breaks, be civilized.)

That's all for now. Might as well make a post tomorrow about what I've been up to that made me delay an entire second part of a review. >_>


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