Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too March Games

As much as I like to say I'm not rich, I will so totally look rich as you read this post. Or at least lucky that my parents even allowed me to take out my savings for it since it has a more family session purpose of buying.

After lots of thought, with a PS3 bought just earlier this year, I've finally completed one of my dreams - to complete one generation's worth of game consoles. It wasn't easy and the large amount of accumulated funds from young and educational benefit bonuses (Thank you SPM!) allowed me to reach this far. As well as it isn't just for me alone. If it were, I don't think I'll get half of the consoles I own now. Yes, having siblings makes having things like these have a greater meaning. Depending on your parents and yourself of course.

I bought it from a seller in Johor for once since he had the best price amongst every seller I looked through.

The stuff inside were safe and sound. GDex is a better postal service than Pos M'sia ever was! At least they called me when they were about to deliver the item! (I ended up picking it at the HQ though since I wasn't around at home that afternoon and a certain someone was nagging me to get it home ASAP.)

Nintendo sure uses lots of wraps and plastic. >_>

There's more than this actually but these are the main things that come with the Black Nintendo Wii. Darn it is shiny!

To tell you the truth, I'm not the one mainly monopolizing it, being busy aside because I got it when my semester started. Anyways, Harvest Moon FTW! I'll be playing on some games "I've been missing out" when I have enough time to spend half a day gaming again.

Yeah, three original games. I must be crazy or something. Oh well, it was all within the budget I planned out and now I'm out. (I say that a lot every time I purchased a huge set of items and it is pretty much true, maybe I should say that I'm out for a longer while than my usual spending habits. :P) You don't see buying any Gunpla since Nobell now do you? I'll only be buying one figure next and a certain MG in June since I pulled forward too many of my planned purchases. (The Nintendo Wii was supposedly end year if budget allowed.)
I thank my friend Steven in helping me buy these games BTW.

I'm playing Pokemon Black now but due to time constraints, I'm only at the 4th gym.

Smugleaf. That's his name, yeah!

Note: All were bought between the end of February and start of March.

In a nutshell, I've reached one goal in life and enjoying the side effect. Not now though due to mid-term papers next week. Thank you Swinburne for cutting my study period SHORTER! D:
This is the largest trump card I pulled and sorry 3DS, I'll only be getting you once you drop in price and have a game I really, really want. So no first time purchasing for me! Nope. No sirree... >_>;

I'm slowing the spending on Gunpla this year in turn for gaming so that my life isn't so focused on only one of my hobbies. Besides having less time to go through long periods of alone time to build anything. Sheesh, so many things to do.


Tom said...

You got Pokemin black AND white?! Lol, one is for you sister I'm guessing.

CD said...

Yep, it is for my sister. Got someone to trade exclusives at home with that. XD


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