Friday, May 29, 2009

Currently in Miri

As of tonight I'll be in Miri until next week's Tuesdays afternoon. Thus I have no way to have my time with my Gunpla(as they are at home), I might do a small write-up about Miri.

My family and I reached here using a MAS flight at about 8.10pm and my uncle and aunt picked us up then brought us to there house, which I am currently in. =3 Luckily for me, I am allowed to use their Streamyx line, so I'll be able to connect to the Internet from time to time during this period. Splendid.

From my observations on the way to my cousins' house, I saw that Miri has grown quite a bit. It looks more like Kuching now and looks rather neat at some places. But it was night, so I'll leave my better judgment for later on. >.>

Best part is that my cousins' have improved their lives quite a decent lot. They have a better van now - Toyota Innova, two more air-conditioners and of course, Streamyx. X3

Well, that's it for now. =D

PS: I added two new links to my "Frequently Visited" list on the side. They are at the top of the list, so you will definitely not miss it. XD

EDIT: It seems that I forgot to hit save for the links, very sorry~ D= But now they are there!



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