Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windows 7 Release Candidate 1

Okay, it has been out since 5th of this month and I'm late in posting about it. Though it does not to any surprise I'd be late since the matter of lack of time and lack of proper motivation to post something more proper. Those who subscribe to Technet most probably be already using Windows 7 RC1.

At any rate, it is official now that Windows 7 has gone to the next stage and comes even closer to being in stores near us or in your next new computer. =)

For those who have a guinea pig computer or an old computer lying about in their basements/storerooms, why don't you give it a whirl? It lasts until 1st March 2010, fully usable Ultimate Edition.

I just got it yesterday by leeching Swin's net bandwidth. 3.XMB/s FTW. Took me around 15 minutes to download it.

Sadly, I don't think I'll give a review on it since there aren't that much differences from the Beta, except maybe more stable and has been updated from the various feedback of the Beta testers. Though there is an in-built function for XP virtualization. I have yet to try it since I don't have any XP or lower programs installed currently. =P

EDIT: However, it is sad to say my computer would crash/hang or just doesn't do the XP virtualization at all, due to this. This is most unfortunate, especially when I do not dare or have the opportunity to try it out on my faster, newer computers for various reasons.

Thus, in a way, Windows 7 seems to have better compatibility. Though this compatibility isn't such an important thing anyways since most programs, especially popular ones should be already supported by it. I mean, how many programs can you not use on Vista as of now?

If you decide to try it out, I hope you'll enjoy it. But, do be aware, do not use it on your primary computer or use it as your primary OS, since we cannot keep the OS.

Oh, if you are still on Beta, you have to clean install RC1. It is quite unfortunate that it is not easily possible to just upgrade it. This is also true for RC to final product later on. =/

PS: Sorry for the lack of updates, not much "interesting" things to post or say. I prefer not to post things that are too lackluster. XP

EDIT: Testing Nuffnang and Google Ads... >_> Please disable any ad-blocking programs/add-ons you are currently using. But only click on the ads if you like the content. If the ads do not appear at all, please do tell me so that I can check the coding, since this is my first time doing this. =) In a way, yes, I do need to earn some extra cash, if possible, especially if it can fund my current hobby. XP


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