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HG 1/144 Trans-AM Raiser

Image courtesy of Hobby Search.
Price: 2000 Yen.

Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei(00 Gundam) & Saji Crossroad(0 Raiser)
Machine Code: GN-0000 00 Gundam + GNR-010 0 Raiser
Mobile Suit Name: 00 Raiser -> Trans-AM Raiser(due to Trans-AM Mode)
Height: 18.3m
Weight: 54.9t(according to the manual)
GN Sword III
GN Sword II(2)
GN Beam Saber(2)
GN Shield

Special "Attack" & "Ability": Raiser Sword, Quantitation, Turns People Into Innovators(please watch Gundam 00 Season 2) XP

Story Summary:
Near the end of Gundam 00 Season 2, Celestial Being has given an upgrade for the 00 Raiser, the GN Sword III, which is stronger, more effective and can utilize the Trans-AM mode better(presumed). With the Trans-AM Raiser, the 00 Raiser goes even further beyond the limits of an ordinary mobile suit. With its high emision and concentration of GN Particles, it can even create miracles...

My Ramblings
Sorry for the lack of any post last week. I had quite the busy week. 2 mid-exam papers and 1 assignment in the same week equals me to not have enough time to dilly-daddle on other things, even if I really wanted to. But in all truth, I did do a bit of something, but that will be covered in another post later. =)

Today was a nice day. Mid-term is over and 2 assignments which only need to be past up around 2 weeks later. Thus, I had the whole afternoon and night to relax, for now. But, before I went back, I went to the shop, now in the basement floor of the Spring, and bought the HG 1/144 Trans-AM Raiser. It has been nearly a month since it came out over east side, which happened to be on the same day as my birthday that time. XD

Unfortunately, I felt my body to be in a bit of tired pain today as I guess the lack of sleep caused by last week took its toll on my body. It is not that bad but I guess I'll just need more rest. I wanted to build this model kit this afternoon, but for the good of myself, I took a nap. It was evening when I woke up and not too long after that, I opened the box...
Rambling End

You can refer to the earlier reviews I did on the normal HG 00 Raiser here and here.

Note: A LOT of pictures were taken. Be prepared for quite a bit of scrolling. =P

Part 1: Box.
Clear beam part Raiser Sword included!

Part 2: Box Open!
As you can see, it has a lot of runners and parts. It is a pretty much complete set!

Part 3: Runners
Overview. I needed quite the amount of space to lay these down. XP

A clear stand, beam parts, Trans-AM colored parts! Sadly, I wish the "red" parts have a more blue-ish hue to them, since it is supposed to be a little blue. =/
Notice the green clear part? Yes, that's for the brand new GN Sword III. =)

Quite a lot for a HG. Not so if compared to a MG. XD

Individual overview of the runners.

I took out my HG 00 Gundam box and look at the PC runner. Notice the lone part left there? Well, for the HG Trans-AM Raiser, it is used for the GN Sword III. Looks like the extra equipment was hinted already, though just not so darn obvious.

Part 4: Building Process
Part 4.1: Main Body

Part 4.2: Head
Unfortunately, I just used thes sticker for the V-fin this time since I don't thin it will be a good idea to paint the model kit. =P

Part 4.3: Arms & Legs
This bending capability is quite rare for a HG. Most HGs(that I have experienced) before the Gundam 00 Second Season HGs can mostly just do a 90 degree bend(some may be able to do better, depending on their design).

00's legs are very extremely flexible. The overall design of the legs allow it to bend and pose in many near human poses. Though I didn't really show it above, do take my word on this. =)

Part 4.4: Waist

Part 4.5: GN Drive

Part 4.6: GN Sword III

Rifle mode.

Sword mode.

Part 4.7: GN Sword II
Sword & Rifle mode, respectively.

Part 4.8: 0 Raiser
I didn't put together the 0 Raiser to be by itself for now, since it can't go Trans-AM by itself anyways. XD I just immedicaly attach it to the 00 Gundam.

Part 4.9: GN Shield

Part 4.10: Clear Stand & Beam Parts

Part 5: Action
Note: Some pictures might look a bit darker than others due to poor lighting. I only got my room light to use as a light source unfortunately. =X
Just like the rest of the average HG models, it is around 12cm in height.

Beam parts and extra parts laid out in front. I didn't attach the shield normally since they don't really stick on the wing binders very well.

Backdrop change? Sorry if the second one is too dark.

Due to the back part, the 00 Raiser can be a bit back heavy and drop down due to instability though not so bad. A bit annoying, but that's why there was a stand included. XP

*pew**pew**pew* times 3 since it has 3 barrels. ^^

Shoulder movement. I saw some Gunpla reviewers doing this. Let me try also. XD

GN Sword III action! =3

Two ways of holding it in Sword mode.

Slot in the biggest beam part for...

...the Raiser Sword! It destroyed like 3 battleships in one slash IIRC. X3

"Yes, I'm looking at you, punk."

The GN Sword II becomes even longer with the beam part "extension".



SEED reference, though it is probably done in the earlier series too. ^^;

Can you guess where the reference for this came from?

Some beam saber action... one picture only, since it just isn't as epic as the GN Sword III. XD

Stand change!

This pose is from the box. Sorry for the very cramped photos, it was because I didn't want to show the other parts of my room currently. >.>

A bit too dark but... *SWISH**SLASH**SWING*

Part 6: Conclusion
The HG Trans-AM Raiser is simply an amzing kit. The HG 00 Raiser by itself, is very well articulated and firm. It is however not very balanced when standing by itself due to the 0 Raiser at its back, especially when trying to stand straight, otherwise posing normally is quite fine. Then again, what other reason would they provide a stand for it? XD To be perfectly clear, the Trans-AM Raiser/00 Raiser is pretty well balanced on its feet even though it may seem back heavy at first. I guess it is because of the feet shape. XP It still may fall on its back due to a little unbalanced at the back when you stand it up straight or pose with too much weight shifted to the back. Then again, it might not be apparent anyways, it could be just me. XD

For 2000 Yen, it is very reasonably priced. If you like the 00 raiser and haven't bought the previous versions or thinking of getting the GN Sword III plus the beam parts, look no further. In terms of Malaysian prices, it should fall anywhere around RM70-90. If you can get lower, lucky you! =D

I might add some extra photos & words later on, but for now, I will stop since it is pretty late already. X|

EDIT(27/05/09): Add a bit more info/opinion into the review. A bit of change in wording. XP


Chris said...

That was fast, you already had yours built. Did your box come in good condition? When I got mine from Spring, they only had those with damaged boxes.

CD said...

That's weird. I thought the boxes looked fine to me. If you look at the "Part 1" section closely, I think my box is in a great condition. XP

When I bought mine, I just took the top one from the stack. XD

Anonymous said...

If you are living in Melbourne, where do you buy your gunpla, because I buy gunpla online.


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