Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swin Night 2009

Last night, at 6.30PM in Block G Auditorium of the Swinburne University, a party named Swin Night 2009 was held. Over 190 students came and the place was crowded. It was interesting, kinda fun, ear booming, lots of "lol" and everybody wore black & white clothes.

To be more specific, the event is "Swin Night 2009" and the theme for clothing was black & white, semi-formal. It costs RM15 to join and I felt like the money is quite worth it... maybe. >_>

This is the list of events that anybody can have a look at from under the table number card placed on their respective table. I took this picture a bit later, during a performance as I had the ability to do so at that point of time. XP

Now, onto the party summary and pictures!

I came quite early but of course not the earliest of the guests coming to the party yesterday night. With my camera being brought together with me, I took some snapshots of the pre-party look of the auditorium. =)

V.I.Ps shot with the O.C giving the welcoming speech.

Speech by SSSC(Swinburne Student Council) President.

Speech by Guest of Honor.

Opening ceremony... no wonder there was a blank. It was meant to be painted on. Right... ^^;

Souvenir giving to V.I.P. I wonder what it is?


After that, we were allowed to have some of the delicious buffet food that are already readied and the smell filled the air since the coming of the V.I.Ps. Itadakimasu~ Very delicious but the drink available was downright terrible but though drinkable. =/

Sorry for not taking pictures of the delicious food though, with my camera. I however have some on my phone, though lazy to put em' up. Just imagine some delicious food, local food. XP

First set of performances. First, second and third photos shows the singing performance and the fourth on shows "the robot" dance by the dance club... The singing performances were not that great, IMO, but not terrible either. The dance was something out of this world though. >_>

Lucky draw~! ...I won nothing. T_T

More performances and some people at the back seem to be really big fans of the pianist(or should I say keyboard-nist?), Petrus. Very interesting. The second picture shows near the end of a dance done by the anime club. I thought they would do Rescue by KAT-TUN, but they had something else. =P

More lucky draw~ I still won nothing... The wheel of "fortune" was once again used as the wheel of "misfortune" as the table number indicated on the wheel have to send a representative to... Wasabi Sushi! The first to finish wins! However, one table chickened out! Darn.

Nevermind! They got another table with another more daring man! C'mon, choke down those wasabis. *_*

Mission start! FYI, a certain someone from the anime club was chosen, can you guess who he is from the eating contest?

The winner! He ate like there was no yesterday, choking it down, drinking the drink available down hard, just so he can win! Congrats! =)

More performances with some more waving from the back. The final performance, by "Transitional Melody" was ear splitting and really interesting. Heavy Metal FTW. Sadly, the lyrics sang by their singer was not relly easy to hear. O.o There was also teeth guitar done by the middle guitarist. Great stuff. ^^

During the final performance... my camera battery dropped low and was warning me already. Oh darn. I guess taking so many pictures took its toll on the battery... I took way more than what you see here but were not so satisfactory. At any rate, we are practically done for the night.

After that, a prize giving ceremony was held with the final lucky draw! I still won nothing. Awww... Of course, that was not the end of it! The best three performances get cash rewards(and gifts?).

Number 3 goes to "Transitional Melody" with their Heavy Metal genre. I rell you, the teeth guitar totally sealed their spot in the top 3. XP

Number 2 goes to "Farra", the first person who sang in the second set of performance(IIRC).

Number 1 goes to... PETRUS! Wow, I didn't expect that. Then again, he was really popular amongst the guys in the back seats. >.>

Ah, yep. Well, that was it and people start to leave as it was almost 10PM. However, I stayed back a little to see some funny stuff and hang out with some of my friends.

What was the funny stuff? Like throwing up the O.C and the SSSC President into the air funny. XD

And~ That's all~ ^^


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