Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Different Way to Cut Your Birthday Cake

Last Thursday, a classmate of mine celebrated her birthday. Two good friends of hers bought her a really nice and seemingly delicious American Chocolate cake!

The cake. Yum?

They brought it into class right before our short afternoon break that day. Even with the tension filled air due to nearing mid-term exams(next week liao), a friend's birthday mustn't be forgotten!

By lunch time, I managed to meet up with them, with me grabbing a quick lunch of a single currypuff, to see a a rather amusing birthday "party". Around 7 of us gathered around a table to witness the birthday girl blow the candles and "cut" the cake...

The cake is opened and the whole open-air cafeteria can see it! Then again, I noticed most people around us didn't really care.

The fans in the open-air cafeteria are really strong! They needed to block the wind with the box... though it wasn't such a smart idea in the end. =P

After blowing... we asked her to go on to cut the cake. She then asked, "Can I STAB the cake?". Oh my, that was new and I was all for it! Randomness FTW!

The standard plastic cake knife.

Targeting the cake from above...

Lunging into the center!


...and then cut through normally. XD

So, that's all I saw as I didn't stay to leech some delicious cake since I felt like I shouldn't. Nonetheless, it was something interesting to observe and record. For the record, the flower is also icing! I did taste the icing, just a little bit, and the cake was pretty nice.

Okay, that's all for now. There might be something else tomorrow, hopefully, but back to the books I go! Have to make sure to remember some stuff before the first exam on Wednesday. ^^;



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