Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Streamyx is Fail During Hari Raya

Well, that was a great holiday, with my Streamyx not working since 3pm on a FINE Saturday afternoon until today. Wait, of course not, it was rather infuriating. Such a bad thing to happen suddenly when I had so many plans this holiday which needed the Internet went down the drain. Ah, whatever, can't complain much about it, this is the best service I can get thus far in M'sia... though terribly disappointing...

At any rate, I luckily had a few animes to watch on my hard drive to pass the days(Toaru Majutsu no Index was awesome though I felt the ending was lacking). I also managed to build the BB 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.) since I felt like building a BB instead. It wasn't all that awesome in the end but the paint job was more passable than my BB Gundam Exia. Will do an individual post for them later on, but for now, some preview pictures. Be warned though, all of them were taken using a camera phone as my camera was being used by the family.

Didn't buy the BB Gundam Exia R2 in the end because the difference in the build was too small compared to the original. I felt like Bandai was darn lazy with the R2. The BB 0 Gundam however was great as it even came with the GN Feathers wing effect parts and stand. It was also easier to paint. XP

FYI, those are the NG 1/100 00 Gundam's beam saber parts being used. =P

I'm quite satisfied with how this one came out. My gray was running low so I had to use my abundance of silver paint instead which is not a Gundam Marker. The shield is not done yet however.

I also played with my MG Strike Gundam a little bit to pass the time.

Come forth! Strike Repair! =P

Actaully, the Strike came to a bit of misfortune and the one side of the rear skirt armor broke off. -_-; I guess I either overplayed it or some kind of added pressure was put on the rear section due to the way the stand works. Either way, it broke off. I can't really open the rear section since I had to superglue it so that the Strike doesn't fall of the stand again due to the part coming off. =/

Ah, that is all for my Hari Raya break which lacked the Internet. I'm thinking of doing a little review for the BB Gundam Exia and BB 0 Gundam for the coming posts. For the XN Raiser, I need to get some more gray and maybe, if possible, some kind of top coat to make it come out nice.


mangyver5223 said...
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mangyver5223 said...

How about u make your strike to battle-scarred version because of the broken rear skirt.

CD said...

Probably, but I don't have the tools for that currently. Might try once I have the budget/time. =)

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