Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Luck - End of LCD Monitor

I came back home today after being caught in the rain for an hour or so and was happy that I was finally back home ready to watch some anime I just "got". But unluckily for me, my trusty 17" BenQ LCD monitor fried on me. There wasn't any sparks but a smell of something burning was noticeable and a bright flash on the screen before that told me it was the end for it. There goes the monitor for this old computer that I'm still using for general Internet surfing... D=

I don't know if I should try to turn it on again as the smell of burning electronics fuming from it tells me not to. Luckily, my first ever CRT 14" monitor is still kicking so I managed to used that as a quick replacement for now. I got 2 options now... get a new LCD monitor or store away my old computer. LCD monitors are fairly cheap now and my old reliable is still great as an Internet surfing computer. Decisions, decisions... =/


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