Sunday, September 6, 2009

Giant Pikachu & Relics

Today was a very hot day. Even in an air-conditioned room I was sweating. =/
Since my Japanese class of today was unfortunately canceled, I managed to tag along with the rest of my family to Satok, a place I haven't been to for a very long time.

While we were at Satok, we came across one of the toy shops and we managed to spot a...
..huge *** Pikachu! After a few hasty decisions and lame nicknames, we finally bought the Fatchu for a decent price, I guess. My younger siblings are rather happy with it. XD

After I got some free time to myself, I took some time to look at the shops I didn't had a chance to look closely enough during my younger days. A two lot shop took my attention selling many hobby items and gaming goods. The prices were the standard pricing unfortunately so I didn't dare buy any Gunpla from them, even if some of them are pretty scarce such as the 1/60 V2 Gundam and the 20th Anniversary MG RX78-2.

Some of them are fortunately still being sold at the old prices before the Yen hike, so for those who don't mind a 0.038-0.04 rate can try to get some older Gunpla here, though those at those rates are pretty limited as far as I can see. I do remember that the NG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L costs RM99 which is a pretty decent price during current times.

I don't really recommend buying any Gunpla from Satok unless you want to sacrifice some extra cash for some of the rarer ones.

Oh yes, I decided to have a little scene with the new addition to the house...

Astray: Is this the enemy's new mobile armor?!
Fatchu: Pika!

Astray: My sword it-it-it does no damage to it! D>
Fatchu: Pi pi pi ka pi... >D
Astray: No, what, what?! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Fatchu: *NOM**NOM**NOM*
Astray: EEEAAAA-


That's all for this random post. Sorry I won't be able to post the Exia Repair review part this week as it looks like my family time this weekend was more than usual. ^^;

Luckily, I think I'll be mostly do my assignment during my in-between breaks while at the campus as I can't seem to concentrate at home I feel I can have the review done by tomorrow by the earliest or even tonight if I can find the time to do some assembling first...


rj said...

hmmm...i think i know ths a shop tht sell gundam kit n the othr side of it selling games like psp, ps2 rite? i havnt got time to spend my time thre...i like some of the kit thre coz it sell rarely gundam kit...hehe...

winkytoe said...

eh, satok pretty cheap wattt. i bought my strike noir for rm250 from Sarawak plaza, but at satok, its only 190!

CD said...

Well, not all are pretty cheap though. RM269 isn't cheap for a 1/60 V2 Gundam(price tag). >.>;

StrikeFreedom said...

noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! why!!!! stupid place i live... not having any decent gundam stores i can walk in to........ hehe.. fatchu..... btw, thats a lot of gundam there.. aint it.

(dang!!! i forgot my password for google acc!)

rj said...

@ winkytoe - ya2...SP non of the gundam cheap...its only cheap if the owner of the shop gv discount... i once bot the ovwer flag n its cost me 60++ if im nt mistaken, n othr shop would sell it for the prce my be rm55 or lesser...

+akufobia+ said...

cute fatchu.

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