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HG 1/144 0 Gundam ("00" Gundam) Review - Part 2

Part 1 here.

~Life Rant~
Sigh~ If only I have another long holiday soon but unfortunately I have a final exam in less than 2 weeks. Looks like its time to hit the books once again. However, for now, I'll finish up this reaview on the 0 Gundam.

Also, I recently got a new "blue buddy" with a "big sword". Care to guess who? I wasn't all that set to buy it so soon as it doesn't really have any limited parts(IIRC) but seeing as I'll buy it sooner or later, I decided to buy it now as my budget was just enough. Now I'm practically broke again. ^^;
~End Life Rant~

Additional bonus image!

Okay, let's finish up this review. It is important that you remember that this is only a HG model kit but its awesome!

Part 1: Height Comparisons
As 0 Gundam stands 18m tall, its obviously shorter than the Exia R2.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!

Part X1: Ribbons's Gundams, Unite!

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
Just like the rest of the 00 S2 HGs, specifically 00, 0 Gundam also has great articulation. So great it makes it seem so MG-like. Makes some of those SEED 1/100s rehashes seem quite the fail(90 degrees, pfft).

The original colors GN Drive comes in 2 parts as can be seen in part 1. This is so the PET part can be equipped. FYI, the PET part is not hard plastic and is rather soft and flexible. =)

Part 4: Action!
Note: Beam part borrowed from 1/100 00! XD

Recon mission?

Not even God Gundam can top this...

When beam rifles and shields fail, its time to go back to the basics...



Stare into the light...

"Hey, got some ---- with you?"

Really looks like its running, eh? ^^

Arms switch!

"Regen Duel, who's that?"


2 > 1?

Familiar boxart pose? >.>

Boxart pose closeups.

Double K.O.

Part X2: Comparison With 00 Gundam
00 is slightly superior as the feet can basically turn 90 degrees...

Scale error? 0's drive is bigger than 00's.

Part X3: Really Random Shots

Part 5: Notes & Conclusion
The shield is installed by putting the handle into the hands first and swinging it into the arms. Its basically gripped by force. Works rather well however.

  • MG-level articulaton.
  • "Wings of light" for original colors.
  • Sturdy. Way more balanced than Exia on the ground.
  • Multiple possibilities for beam saber. I tried and you can even use some 1/100 scale beam parts for the saber. ^^
  • Barely any need to paint for original colors. Forget the yellow parts, the default molded colors works just as good.
  • Side-skits may fall off easily when posing around. ^^;
  • "Wings of light" may hinder movement otherwise ignorable.
One of the most amazing HG kit you'll ever find for the time being. For which to get totally depends on your color preference and whether you want the "wings of light" or not. As beam parts can be obtained from other kits, the original colors is quite the better buy and enjoyment.

The "wings of light" or rather GN Feathers to be exact can fit into other kits as long as the GN Drive can slot in into a hole at the back or somewhere. >.>;

Okay, that's it for now. ^_^


rj said...

nice review u got thre mann...i got the color ver O gundam, i like it very much n i agreed wif u bout the's just like MG gundam, it can do more pose thn othr gundam kit...heheh..u said "blue buddy" n "big sword" rite? let me guess, gundam blue astray! correct me if im wrong...hehehe...i also looking foward to hv 1...rite now got no $$...hmmmm...hv 2 wait my bonus la...hehehe...anyway its a cool review u did!

CD said...

Thanks. ^^

Yep, its definitely the Astray Blue Frame. Very obvious isn't it? XP

Chris said...

Great review there.
lol at the *cough*Wing*cough* parody there.

The one where you had the light behind GN Feather was very nice too.
I so wanted the "Wings of light" too but couldn't bring myself to get buy another 0 Gundam. ^^;

Oh~you already get the Blue Astray too? And I thought I was fast....
When you're talking about the limited parts, are you referring to the backpack adapter? I got it though I have to ask for it.

CD said...

Err, well, I did get the backpack adapters also but they don't really feel that "limited" to me. So I don't really consider them as "limited parts". ^^;

Chris said...

Eh? Then, when you said limited parts, you are referring to.... things like Wings of light from MG Destiny Extreme Blast?

CD said...

Those aren't "limited parts"(since Extreme Blast comes with them). ^^;

Something along the line of Exia Ignition Mode(but that's more to price actually) or maybe one of those really small cutting mats(imagine a Blue Frame 2ndR version!). Err, yeah, I'm not exactly clear on that sentence when I think about it. >.>;

Chris said...

Oh...if that was the case, then it would be really rare. Why would you think there would be one? Haha...

Then, the backpack adaptor is counted then, even though it's one little cheap runner.

chubbybots said...

I also got this kit. Yes pretty amazing for a HG kit ^^ Like what you said sturdy and decent colors.

Like you I also got my MG blue frame :D Can't wait to start on it till I finish my other kits first!

And you have quite an eye for photography! love the poses dude. Thumbs up on that ^^

mangyver5223 said...

man,where did u buy both kits? I planned 2 buy A.C.D version but when I saw G30th model,I just left it.After few weeks,I go 2 same shop and it was sold out.Can u tell me where u buy those guys?

CD said...

@chubbybots: Thanks. ^^
As for my Blue Frame, I only get a chance to build it later next week if nothing else comes up. XP

@mangyver: Bought from the usual place I normally buy my kits @ Momotoys. =)


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