Monday, June 21, 2010

Aizu GET! :D

Finally got em'! ^_^ The long awaited アイズ~ XD

I have some plans with the Aizu which I'm still considering. I may or may not go through with it in the end (I'll have to proceed with utmost care and some stuff are needed) but if I do indeed proceed with it, expect something different and more leg haxxin' (I hate ball joints) . ;)

As for God, I'll build it as is since I just want to do some awesome kicking poses with it. X3

Fon: Get your sissy ass out here and stop running pissin' in yer' pants away from me!
Beside: ...

Until the next post... after my finals this week. XP
Wish me luck! :O


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

oohhh~! i sensed mods~!

(looks like the extra OO is going to be haxxed)

Marzz said...

Fon is getting worked up!

chubbybots said...

All the best for your finals!

Sie LIang said...

Calm down,Type-F!!!take it easy= =
Oh ya,Gambateh!!wish u all the best^ ^

Anonymous said...


You also have 1.5 Gundam? Ohoho

I Fon is all worked up in giving Beside a "warm" welcome...

All your best for your exams, dude.

divinelight said...

good luck for your exams.

wow, out of the new HGs, you nearly have them all, or do you buy ZZ and have them all?

CD said...

@ZD: Huhu, looks like ZD might know what I will do. XP

@Marzz: Yep, he sure is. XD

@chubbs & Liang: Thanks. ^^

@bd: Yar, Aizu get-oh! And... "warm" welcome indeed.
Thanks. ^^

@divine: Thanks. ^^
I'm thinking of skipping the ZZ since I don't really feel like getting it. :P

Chris said...

I think HGUC ZZ is better than G Gundam... it's transformable (though via tedious part swapping), large beam saber and most importantly, looks big as it should be. G Gundam, on the other hand, doesn't has the articulations it's supposed to have, has holes on its red wings, and FAT legs.

Just my opinion. ^^

Tsukinari said...

oh.. another one getting Aizu!! *_*

mangyver5223 said...

Not really interested to God gundam, but mostly love to 1.5 since its backpack was multipurpose. BTW, when the HGUC ZZ arrive to momotoys? :3

CD said...

@Chris: Well, I can't argue with that. But since I don't really feel like "oh I so want this" I rather skip it so I can get the stuff I really do want. Priorities first since I don't have enough money to go around (nor the space). :P
I'm not hating the ZZ or anything. I like its hugeness and ability to transform as well. It has a frickin' head laser! But, yeah, I don't really feel like I really want to get it for the time being. Maybe if the FA comes around. XD

@Tsuki: Aizu is just that popular. XD

@gyver: Haha, that's alright. To each their own. I just personally like the God Gundam quite a lot so the HGFC attracted me enough for a purchase in the end. :P

As for the HGUC ZZ, I predict that it should come within the next shipment which should be sometime around next month by the earliest. ^^;

Chris said...

I take back my words on the awesomeness of HGUC ZZ. As expected of a smaller scale Gunpla, it has tons of inaccurately coloured parts. It seems the more parts a HG has, the pain, I mean effort, is needed to make a kit look nice.

MaftyNavue said...

wow actually 1.5 really popular eh?
BD and RNDM already got it, so who next?

CD said...

@Chris: Went through a few reviews, eh? XP
Well, good to know nonetheless. ^^

@Mafty: Hey, long time no see you! ^^
Yeah, a purple Gundam with evil purple glowy eyes? Instant win. :D


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