Friday, June 4, 2010

Gundam Astraea Type F3 PUNCH!

Pose is inspired from the Iron Man movies... and nothing else besides that the F3 designation is just a design idea of mine which shows it with the R2's parts. X3

If you think the color is too light for it, just think of it as a "Designer's Color". XD

Just a little extra from a friend's suggestion. Dunno if it makes it better or worse though. XP


GunStray said...

GOd finger has no dibs on these^^

Choo Sie LIang said...

vs who?1.5 Gundam??

mangyver5223 said...

I'm really sure that was 1.5 Gundam. Good artwork, man!

+akufobia+ said...

woaa.buat sendiri?

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

F3? my my, spoiler for Astraea's review? XD

anyway nice one there, as expected from you =D

CD said...

@GunStray: Astraea PUNCH! XD

@Liang: Yep, who else?

@gyver: And you are right! Thanks. =)

@aku: Yep. =D

@ZD: Its a rather big spoiler actually. Now you can tell what I'm waiting for before the next part. ;)

Tsukinari said...

cool artwork! XD

lol designer color haha..

i want to see Aizu in full shot! :P

Anonymous said...

very cool looking artwork dude!

CD said...

@tsuki: Thanks! As for that Aizu... I already showed you in the chatroom last night but maybe I'll color it up later too. XD

@h4mster: Thanks!


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