Sunday, June 27, 2010

Semester Break is ON! :D

So, it's that time again where... semester break is on! :D

After a week of finals (brain cramping and all), it's time to kick back, relax and do as much stuff you want before the next semester begins. ^^
The break actually begun on Friday afternoon but well, games. XD I'm currently playing through the Metal Gear Solid series, well, planning to (except MGS4 since I don't have a PS3). XP

Other than that, I built the God Gundam already and truthfully, I feel a bit disappointed. I'll disclose exactly why in an upcoming post unless gaming eats my soul away for a while. >.>


Here's a simple (could be difficult from the dark photo) question; I made a mistake when building the God Gundam, can you spot what area did I make a mistake in (you may guess if you think it is not something easily visible)?

Besides that, I finally sent in my entries for Z'a 4koma contest. Here is an omake for one of the 4komas I've sent. Note: Not exactly the same as the 4koma I sent.

That's all for now. 'till the next post, which I think you all would know what it'll be about. XP


Marzz said...

Argh... My break just ended and now yours just starting.... *envious*

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

haha your break had just strated and my schooling seesion is about to begin XP

i see...G's red wing i say?

CD said...

@Marzz: You already got yours so its fair I do too. XP

@ZD: Haha, you are sort-off right there but I intentionally put the wings like so (since you're mostly gonna look at it from the front). However, that's not what I'm hinting at. ;)

Anyways, good luck with your forthcoming uni-life. You'll need to discipline yourself for it to go well. ^^

chubbybots said...

Ah actually for God gundam...the leg joints are damn loose....

But heh congrats on having your sem break!! I sure miss those times!

GunStray said...

You mean hollow wings? Im gettting God, if Master comes out as well, well I hope all G gundams gets the new HG treatment

Sie LIang said...

Yahoo,ur free!!^ ^...wait...
ur Gundam X finish build already?cuz I only see ur God Gundam finish 1st?!

mangyver5223 said...

woo~~ looks like you're totally free. Btw, what Z'a 4koma contest? and can you give me the link of it

CD said...

@chubbs: You can say that... I prefer to call it a design failure, at least for the people who designed this HGFC... >_>;

Yeah, break time! I will also miss it once I leave for work in the future too. XP

@GunStray: You guessed the same thing as ZD but it isn't the one I'm hinting at. XP
Try again?

I want Master too as well as Nobel (must do those epic scenes!). >)

@Liang: Haha, I built God first. Will build X next. XP

Well, today is unfortunately the last day already. ^^;

divinelight said...

no I don't see the flaw.

good luck with gunplainochi, I myself submit two of my 4koma ^^

gotta make more koma for my own blog later


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