Tuesday, June 8, 2010

KYAnime Begins & Someone's MG Unicorn is Done

Sorry that I still haven't finished the current review as I still find that I'm not entirely done for the next part yet (though I think I can do it by Sunday). However, I've decided that, I'll make the comic strip/omake in a separate post after I get its counterpart. XP

Nonetheless, I went out for a bit today to the Spring to check out the anime convention, KYAnime as well as visit Momotoys to be pleasantly surprised by a new addition.

Read on for the slew of photos!

Part 1: KYAnime
There is nothing much YET since it has just begun, only a few booths. It will slowly expand to the other sections of the ground floor soon enough especially by this Friday as the events are on Friday to Sunday. So, for now, I don't see anything much and await for this weekend. I hope for something great! ^^

As for the events, you can go to the main booth and get the schedule as well as enter your name if you would like to join certain competitions such as the Anime Race, Street Fighter and Bento Making competitions. More coverage by my friend here. =)

Part 2: Adrian's MG Unicorn Gundam HD + MS Cage
Adrian has finally finished his MG Unicorn! Yay! An awesome sight it was to see in person. :3

He painted the blue parts "Yamaha Blue" and the gray (inner frame) parts "Metallic Ash Gray" (these are actually acrylic spray paints). (The cage is also painted but I don't know the name of the paint he used for it.) The inner tip of the thrusters are given a silver point too. However, the white parts are not painted as the HD color looks fine already (well, that's actually my opinion). XD

The cage became his test bed for weathering (his first time) using the Gundam Weathering Markers. Looks fantastic for a first time! He also painted the Banagher 1/100 figure with a toothpick.

As you can see, he later put the Banagher figure in front of the Unicorn and also opened the cockpit to show the feet of the pilot sitting inside it (he of course kept the figure after the photo-shoot for safety's sake). XP

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy the photos of the MG Unicorn. XD
And, if you are in Kuching, please do visit the KYAnime convention especially this Friday to Sunday!
(BTW, C&C for this post I did a few days ago. Would like to have some feedback on it. ^^)


Chris said...

Ha! Banagher would be wondering who's sitting in the cockpit of his Gundam. Or the other way round. ^^;

mangyver5223 said...

Woot Love that UC :D

divinelight said...

toothpick, oh yeah maybe I could use that.

maybe it's like Fei in Xenogears when he saw himself riding Weltall at the beginning of the game?

chubbybots said...

Haha later the cockpit open up he finds amuro inside....

But seriously, your photos plus his awesome paintjob and weathering is tempting me to get the cage version.....very good for a diorama set up!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

oho~ that UC looks nice and your photo-skills are awesome bro =D

Tsukinari said...

ooo nice stuff going on there... here is like nothing at all ORZ

haha... i think its his father in there >:D

nice cage btw...

Marzz said...

Such a nice event near you! Good for you!
@chubbs: lol, Amuro returned from the dead?

MaftyNavue said...

hmm after that Banagher will ask amuro..

Did your father goes insane?

rndm said...

(Currently at school.)
@Chris: They will both stare at each other. XD

@gyver: Its great, isn't it? :)

@divine: Oh snaps! He saw his future of being a teenager piloting a Gundam! :P

Banagher: Hey, aren't you supposed to be dead?
Amuro: Says who?
Banagher: ...
Haro: Amuro! Amuro! Genki? Genki?

Get get. >D

@ZD: It sure is and thanks! ^^

@tsuki: Now, imagine him piloting it instead. XD

@Marzz: Hehe, I guess you're right about that. But... (further comments on that in a blog post later)

Banagher: Did your father goes insane?
Amuro: ... *sniff*
Banagher: ...

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