Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Get! Part 1

I'm getting something else this month also, you can call it a PC Fair get. I'll put it up once it arrives at my doorstep. :P
A friend of mine offered his GG Arios for RM10, second hand. Technically it is the leftover parts from the GG Arios GNHW/M as he took the weapons and base only. I was like, just get it. XP
(Sadly the mid-torso section went missing somehow. I think I dropped it when checking the contents before getting it or it could have been lost before. It isn't such a big deal so I'll patch up a new mid-section later on.)

Since he works at Heng Kim Trading, I decided to grab a few other stuff as well such as this set of saws. Hehe, now I can cut some parts up. :)

As for the GG MG Destiny, I'll be building it first when I have enough free time and then it will be slated for the "Destiny End" diorama... eventually. The earliest for it to be realized could be sometime end of next year. ^^;

About the GG Arios's fate... I'll make another post about it soon-ish but most of you should have seen it on FB already. Lightning.

More to come soon~


The Kamen Rider Fan said...

nice, i have an Arios also.
bt damn, mine is very loose. gonna need superglue. haha

Tom said...

hmm, isn't this brand of knock offs really bad compare to something like tt hongli.

CD said...

@TKRF: Amazingly, mine isn't, except for a hand part (not using it anyways), not sticking together. Considering I didn't really put it together like you normally would, pretty hard to say also. ^^;

@Tom: It IS TT Hongli, just a different name and better than before.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

cool bro, its a bout time we see Ver Rndm comes to realization :D oh yes, U-star produced quite some stuff that are useful for modelling. how much did you get for those fine set of saws ?


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