Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Get! Part 2

I was going through the Dell website last week for the fun of it and was pretty surprised to see a crazy good offer on their 23" monitor. RM459 for THIS was a killer deal! (Note: Link will not work after a while). If you're curious of how it is, read a review of it here with comparison with two other monitor brands. It may not be the best but for the price and how well it is working for me so far, it is worth every penny.

I didn't even ask for a DVI cable (thought it was sold separately) but I got it anyways, even the VGA cable. Too bad it wasn't HDMI though, at least I don't need to route the audio from the computer around (for the time being, will switch to HDMI once the switch arrives next week).

The base is nice. Metal parts ensures stability and overall good measure of trust that it won't bend over and break.

I'll be keeping my good ol' 17" as an extra so that I can have a dual monitor setup for multi-tasking purposes. Too bad I'm not keen to upgrade the OEM computer (which I using for this setup) to Windows 7, not yet at least.

And yes, it works with my game consoles, that use HDMI, so I'll be gaming a bit on this monitor as well. :D

Until the next post~

Gunpla feels neglected at the side...


Anonymous said...

That is quite big. And LED some more.

Is it me or one of your screen's white balance is different. O_o

Gunplas neglected? Remember what had happened to Faddy... *cough*gunplaSabotageSquad*cough*

CD said...

@BD: Yes, the white balance is not the same. I'll need to spend some time to make them look the same in a bit since they aren't of the same manufacture nor year of make (lighting technology is different too). >_>

Yeah, they might want their spotlight soon, especially those stuck in the boxes...

"Attack of the Neglected Gunpla", coming to a blog near you.

Tom said...

Nice loot, but you haven't upgrade to Windows 7 yet? O.O

CD said...

@Tom: Because it is an OEM computer, I'm not too keen in installing Windows 7 on it (except if I were to buy the original disc which almost costs the same as the monitor over here). ^^;


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