Sunday, April 10, 2011

Updated Review Buttons~ Plus "Formal" Announcement

There won't be much postings on this blog or the secondary blog for a while*. (I'll try to do a few monthly posts at the very least and comment on my fellow bloggers' posts from time to time.) I won't be calling in for a hiatus, but if you guys want to know what I'm up to, stalk me on Facebook or visit the Swinburne Anime & Manga Society blog, forum or Facebook group. I prefer the forum for a more civilized, more concrete conversation though. :P

So, everyone who is still actively looking at my blog, go to the forum! XD

*Why am I quite busy?

  • Swinburne decided it was cool to cut the semester period from 14 weeks to 12 weeks. Now we have to do more work in a shorter amount of time! D:
  • I don't have any long enough, fee enough, semester breaks until end of the year. :(
  • I have many things to care of due to being president of SAMS. I have things I must do and things that are wished to be done.
  • Gaming year! :D
Thus, I'll be more active on social places for this year. A few figures still need to be opened and "tested to the limits" though... hmhm.

PS: For those at Kuching...
More details here and here.



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